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absfv1a.zip Absolute Force v1.0 forces users on your BBS to read a .TXT file. Acts very similar to the SL Internal 160 command except that users must wait XX seconds before he/she can continue after each screen is drawn. Supports Searchlight Color Codes/Metacharachters (MCI Codes) *FREEWARE* Easy to use.. Looks and feels similar to Searchlight. 22k
actlog.zip Activity log creator for Searchlight 4.5 this program will make and old style activity log using Searchlights syslog.dbf and Searchlights internal files 27k
addesc.zip A little Utility that adds a line of TEXT to ALL Descriptions in a Directory. by: Zak Smith 10k
ala300.zip ALACARTE v3.00 - For SL 4.5 & 5.0 Only! AlaCarte is a complete accounting system for BBS's running Searchlight 4.5 or 5.0. Features built-in time bank, redeemable credit voucher system, online credit transfers, complete logging, mail notification and configurable maximum daily downloads. Shareware from Frank Sexton $30.00 136k
alert350.zip Alert v3.50 Searchlight Scripting. Alert is a scripting langauge for Searchlight BBS systems It supports version 3.0 and higher, and appears to work up to version 5.1b, the latest release at the time of writing. I found that Searchlight was fairly powerful, but no way near powerful enough to satisfy my cravings for my view of what a bulletin board should be like. Hence Alert, the scripting language that does almost anything you want it to. Copyright 1993-2000 LastByte Software. 55k
almgr110.zip Alias Manager v1.10 for Searchlight ALMGR v1.10 DEMO - SL Alias Mgr Util. The Searchlight Alias Manager Utility was created to simplify the ALIAS managing process on their Searchlight BBS System. ALMGR performs various tasks like: Add, Change, Delete, List, Search & X-Ref using SL-like menus. Once you test it, you'll replace your AUTIL with this baby. Copyright (c) 1994, Dennis Ayala 31k
alng104g.zip 4 Language selection for SEARCHLIGHT, A-LANG 1.04 BETA The LATEST *HOT* release from [TAC] A GREAT tool for ALL Searchlight sysop's around... With this tool you'll able to run a COMPLETE Multi-Language system on SLBBS like PCBoard or RA!! A *MUST HAVE* FOR ALL SL-SYSOPS!! [Registration 10.--] 53k
amijd104.zip Displays a list of subboards & highlight the ones that the user is joined to. 12k
answer19.zip ANSWER v 1.9 (2-25-93) Sends a ASCII page to User, when your BBS is down. Registration is only $ 5.00 (unregistered version can only be started 20 times). Being used here on Waka Waka NOW, Yes I registered it ! 15k
antib106.zip AntiBody v 1.06 Upload Virus Scanner Compressor for SL. From ANY Archive format to ANY archive format. 36k
autoad13.zip AutoAdd v1.3 - SL Autocreation utility. Simple utility that auto-creates new subboards and file directories for Searchlight BBS. It is most useful when used in conjunction FilePro. 51k
autoj100.zip JOIN users to subboards from DOS with this program . "AutoJ" by: Zak Smith 8k
binkd096.zip binkd 0.9.6a-30 (June 27 2003) transfer files between two Fidonet systems over TCP/IP. Copyright (c) 1996-2003 Dima Maloff and others. Binkd is a Fidonet mailer designed to operate via TCP/IP networks. As a FTN-compatible internet daemon. 469k
bbs-edit.zip Edit User Files on SLBBS, any version Allows the Sysop access to user records without logging in Can be run as a door, or straight. 12k
bs200.zip BISEARCH 2.00 BI-Modem Interface for SL 37k
busybbs.zip BBS-Busy for Telent BBS's This program will sit on port 23 waiting for callers, on an incoming connection it will inform them of whatever message you want. This will let them know your bbs is still active but currently down for maintenance, etc. May 21, 2001 any problems or feature suggestions just email me at: snowzone5@hotmail.com 873k
bylocsl.zip Makes bulletin of users from each area, USA,Can.,Mex. SLBBS This program will create a text file that can be imported into Searchlights message database and used as a bulletin showing the number of callers from each area listed. From Larry Edwards 25k
bystatsl.zip Searchlight BBS. Makes bulletin of callers from each State. This program will create a text file that can be imported into Searchlights message database and used as a bulletin showing the number of callers from each State. From Larry Edwards . 24k
caller.zip Caller For Searchlight 4.5 Program to list out the callers and Modify a caller on a Seachlight BBS 17k
calllog.zip CallLog Lists Users like User/Calllog but doesn't write the times. by: Zak Smith 7k
cat80src.zip CatMail v.80b Source Code. To compile, you'll need Borland C++ 3.0 and Borland Pascal 7.0. Other versions of C++ may work, but unless you can source a different Searchlight TPU library, you'll require BP7.0. I think Turbo Pascal 7.0 works however. Copyright 1994-2000 LastByte Software. 517k
catmail.zip CatMail v.80b Searchlight Mail Processor CatMail is a mail processor for Searchlight BBS systems It supports version 3.0 and higher, and appears to work up to version 5.1b, the latest release at the time of writing. CatMail imports and exports FidoNet netmail, echomail, and Internet email and usenet. Copyright 1994-2000 LastByte Software. 264k
cbv180.zip EZ Callback 1.80 - The EASIEST Searhlight Callback Verifier around! Features ULTRA- EASY 10 minute setup, completely self running operation, dozens of ways to configure it so it works for YOUR BBS! If you run Searchlight, you NEED this! 76k
chatstat.zip Chatstat Sysop Available Toggler Chatstat is a command driven program that will toggle your Sysop available Flag from the dos prompt.. useful in a batch file especially if your running a Frontdoor and if you want to change the status of your chat availability by the events. 11k
checktic.zip Chechtic for Searchlight BBS What it does: Checktic .. checks your mailer inbound directory for tics that was named bad like tk12345678.bad it reads the bad tic and compares it to your tic.cfg file to see if the area tag is in the bad tic or not. if it finds the areatag in the tic.cfg it will change the bad tic back to a good tic.. tk12345678.bad becomes tk12345678.ti then notify you in mail that it did that, If it doesn't find a tag that matches the bad tic it will add to your tic.cfg the directory of your choice (line 1) the areatag who sends it to you a * an either an H,C or N according to what you select. It also will notify you in mail what it has done. This file is provided as is and is guaranteed to do nothing.. if you like it then send a netmail or internet mail message to Walter Kuzma at 1:107/749 or Wkuzma@metronj.org. 12k
chgcalls.zip Change total calls to your SL system. Works only with Searchlight BBS. by: Robert Mikkelsen 10k
clues.zip Clues v 1.0 for Searchlight BBS Use this online help system to reduce your customer support effort. Uses text files and "Searchlight Menus" to allow downloading of a terminal program for new users, and provides help on a number of different topics which new Searchlight users often find difficult. Includes Zterm, a terminal program for Macintosh users. 331k
colorsl.zip ColorSL - Customize User Colors (1.5) Door/utilities allow the user to set colors that are active only for them. Fairly easy to setup, not crippled, but shareware. Cheap! 71k
copysty1.zip Copystyl.exe Searchlight 4.0 Utility *********************************************************** Utility to allow the copying of RIP menu settings. ************************************************ 15k
cowpies.zip This is a compilation of various programs by THE FARM BBS. It includes - FARMMAIL - for tossing Fido style echos FARMEDIT - for gathering newuser information and sending to the sysop FARMGRAF - Newly update activity status graphing utility. Works with Searchlight 4.5 FARMTIME - Presents the current time in BIG! letters LCALLER - Lastcaller program with support for alias LOCATION 238k
d2l100.zip DBF2LOG 1.0- Syslog.dbf Utility **Multi-Format Text file output, Archiving/Appending of Syslog.dbf files, a Userlog, and Summary of System Use features. Purges old log files. Adustable timeslicing too! Supports up to 99 nodes, and 999 runs/day. Desqview, OS/2, and WIN95 tested. For Searchlight BBS ver 4.5 and up. Shareware by John Quinnelly. 68k
db-slbbs.zip SetUp for Searchlight & D'Bridge Mailer All the files needed to get you up and running. updated 5/21/2001 Author: Paul Casey - SysOp - Waka Waka BBS 565k
db170sl.zip D'Bridge v 1.70 Front-End MAILER - Y2K Yes, you will require a Fossil Driver to run D'Bridge. Get X00V124.ZIP available here in this directory. (Released 12-29-1999) 912k
db196sl.zip D'Bridge v 1.96 Front-End MAILER - by Nick Andre MAJOR UPDATE this version. Includes DBUTIL v1.9a ----------------------------(Released 10-12-2005). .KEE Inclosed. 1.04mb
dbf2logf.zip DBF2LOG 1.0- Syslog.dbf Utility **Freeware** Multi-Format Text file output, Archiving/Appending of Syslog.dbf files, a Userlog, and Summary of System Use features. Purges old log files. Adustable timeslicing too! Supports up to 99 nodes, and 999 runs/day. Desqview, OS/2, and WIN95 tested. For Searchlight BBS ver 4.5 and up. Shareware by John Quinnelly. 56k
delus121.zip DelUser v 1.21 Searchlight Auto Delete An AUSTRALIAN Searchlight BBS Auto-User Deletion Utility! By Darren Crick! This program currently flags users who havnt called for some time and sends mail to the sysop notifying them that these users have been inactive for some time. The program will attempt to delete these users. A piece of mail will be sent to the sysop telling them of the users and if they were actually deleted! Users above a certain access level will not be deleted, this level is defined by the sysop! This Utility should only be used with Searchlight BBS 3.5,4.0 A log of users deleted is also kept for easy reference if you need to contact them in the future! VERY easy to use! A must for all Sysops! FREE! For Australian Searchlight BBS Sysops! (c) Copyright 1994, Darren Crick. Portions are Copyright Searchlight Software. 26k
directsl.zip Download files from your BBS without dropping to DOS! 10k
dired111.zip DirEd File Directory Editor/SL. Bug Fix WExpanded Video Mode Support. Password Funtions. 26k
dirlist.zip Dirlist Version 1.5 ALLFILES Creater BY Walter J Kuzma Jr Nov 11th, 1995 Dirlist will list out the files in all directories in a file called dirlist.txt. This version adds the kilobytes to the file. There are no docs all you have to do is type dirlist to get help. 111k
dirm.zip Searchlight SL2 Dirmaint Utility. by: Larry La Zingo. Also included in here is GET.ZIP it works with this file. This is a Great Utility! Get it NOW !!!! 69k
dvslbbs.zip DesQview and Searchlight SET-UP 6k
event.zip Run event for sure 12k
expirem1.zip Tells SYSOP and user when account is due to expire! Configurable! 24k
ezstr110.zip EZ_STR v1.10 - Helps upgrade DEFAULT.LNG EZ_STR is a utility intended to aid SysOps who run SearchLight BBS and need to use and maintain non standard prompts file (DEFAULT.LNG) EZ_STR will compare old new versions of language files, and produce files which require minimal effort to upgrade. By Eyal Zvi, SysOp of EZcom On-Line, Israel. 10k
ezver20c.zip EZVERIFY FOR SEARCHLIGHT 2.0c callback verifier** Callback verifier for SEARCHLIGHT(tm) BBSs only! 100% SL compatible, works on any COM port config including DigiBoard. Seamlessly integrates with SL unlike any other CBV. Database maintenance util provided, import other CBV data files. Wide range of features. GREAT price with free upgrades! From Bayridge Software, Released 10/3/96 151k
f2dirm2.zip Reads FILES.BBS, enters DESCRIPTIONS into SL@ file. No use for DIRMAINT. For Searchlight BBS's 16k
factsl31.zip Makes Bulletin of File Activity, shows important data.SLBBS Creates A Bulletin of File Activity. For Searchlight Sysops. Makes a bulletin showing file activity on your BBS. Includes such information as Callers Name, Filename, whether it was U/L or D/L, can be configured for number of days. From Larry Edwards 19k
fastix3c.zip Fast Index for Searchlight v3.0c - A fast, accurate replacement for the SL nodelist index builder (INDEX.EXE). Works with all versions of SL. For DOS, OS/2 and Windows -- replaces all previous archives. NOW WITH SOURCE. Freeware by William McBrine and Martin Coyne. Released January 14, 2005 110k
fmail91.zip FarmMail For Searchlight Boards. A very fast export batch file creator for exporting mail from Searchlight subboards to .msg files for tossing. Unlike other such programs, this one will make multiple SLMAIL calls instead of making a list for one SLMAIL call. This is suppose to be more reliable in case of a corrupted subboard. However I will be glad to make one that just makes a list if someone is interested. Just follow the instructions on how the subboards need to be setup. Perry 81k
fbbs.zip Searchlight FILES.BBS Utility (c)1994, by Shawn Cummings This is the beta release of a FILES.BBS utility, for use with your GIF directories. It will read through a directory, and create a simple FILES.BBS file containing the resolution of the Gifs. For instance, if you have a new CD-ROM that does not contain a FILES.BBS or you would rather have the resolutions in the descriptions instead of the actual descriptions, this program will create a FILES.BBS file that Searchlight can import, or any other BBS software that supports FILES.BBS imports. 5k
fdnan103.zip SLFdnAnn -- SLBBS File Hatch Announcer. Posts Hatch Announcements with SL Color codes to SL Subboard. 24k
feader.zip Fancy Headers for your help files [1/1] Gives your help files (both MH's and FH's) a Fancy 3D style header. Shareware. Requires DOS 5.0+ and SL 3.5+. CSWare. 4k
fedit10.zip Edit File Descriptions Offline. FEDIT shows all files in a Library and allows any selection to be easily edited. Will also Set/Clear Passwords, and bring up information on the file e.g. Size, Date Uploaded, Person who uploaded etc. Registered versions can display Graphics (GIF/JPG etc) and Text Files. Searchlight V 4.0+ only. *** Shareware *** 12k
fileinf.zip New Fileinfo for Searchlight BBS!!! Adds more info in the X-tended descriptions such as: U/L by Bill Negrelli on 12-02-94 at 12:00 pm Files: 3 New 12-02-94 Old: 12-01-94 Uncompressed Size 33168 20k
filepr35.zip FilePro ver 3.5 - FDN utility for SLBBS Imports files received through file distribution networks into Searchlight BBS file areas, extracting long descriptions from inside the archive. 135k
flag065.zip Toggle SuperUser And 5 other local SysOp 21k
force10.zip Forces local mail to netmail. Force is a program to allow mail addressed to your users with a netmail address to be sent as netmail whether originally written as netmail or local mail. You can select which users mail will be changed to netmail. 31k
force17.zip Al Maynards FORCE Bulletin v1.7 (4-13-90 FORCE is made to be a force read that can not be stopped by a ^C. On my system the Bulletins are intended for this type of information but it is not required to read/view them. On other systems I have called I notice that BBS ADs are plastered there and I can see why the users just blow past the Bulletins. Missing the information you the sysop want to be read. 10k
francais.lng Language File for Searchlight [FRENCH] This is simular to DEFAULT.LNG but in French. NOT for v5.x and above. 32k
fred21u.zip F.R.E.D. Chat Central V2.1 Upgrade for Registered Users * This will not upgrade Beta Ver 2.1b2 or later - use FRED21BU.ZIP. * This file upgrades the Searchlight Release of FRED 2.0 to Version 2.1. There have been several improvements, including Access Attributes for all functions and room access, FRED Lite, SL-style Sysop chat, improved carrier detection, express exit, review to room creation or room entrance, inhibit display of closed rooms, autojump on invitation, temp whisper mode (".user message"), selectable room types in Club FRED, many others. See READ.ME for installation instructions. 244k
fredc21a.zip F.R.E.D. Configuration Update 2.1a for F.R.E.D Chat Central 2.1. This copy of FREDCFG.EXE fixes several undocumented features found: Allows use of SL-style Sysop chat mode, Enables mouse, Fixed help when calling from a different directory Corrects several formatting errors, Enables F2 in all areas, More closely emulates SL's config when ESC entered on text input, Allows use of help function when calling from a different directory. Simply unzip this file over your old FREDCFG.EXE program. 43k
fullw95.zip Revision 2.01! Want to set up your BBS under Win95 but not sure where to begin? FULLW95.ZIP contains everything you'll need from start to finish to get your DOS-Based BBS up and running under Windows 95 with minimal downtime. FULLW95 includes sample batch files, FOSSIL drivers, and anything else needed to get you on your way! Revised 10/17/95. 93k
fxuci1.zip Drop In Replacement for UUCIO Transport Agent. Much faster and easier to configure than UUCICO. Supports multiple size pkts with g protocol. (I'm getting 3200-3300bps @ 28.8) Supports DIGI boards directly and does not require fossil driver. 75k
garble.zip Garble v1.0 DumpUser Utl for Searchlight (c)1995 CSWare by Shawn Cummings Have you ever had a user that you didn't really want on your system, but you didn't want to delete them? This little utility might help. You can set this up in your STARTUP menu or anywhere else in your system as a door. When you run it, it will display some crap and then disconnect them. 6k
gift4b10.zip Contains GIFTEST.EXE for use with UPLOAD Manager 2.1 96k
graft10a.zip Graphics tester for upload processors. GRAFTEST v1.0 is a graphics file tester that tests all types of files that are uploaded to BBS's. Will identify and verify GIF, JPEG, Targa, BMP, PNG files. When used with an upload processor, allows you to control all uploaded graphics files for minimum image size and No. of colors. Reports on the integrity of the files to insure they have not been corrupted. Identifies .EXE, .ZIP, .UUE, FLI/FLC, GL, DL, AVI and .MPG files. All checks are made regardless of file name or extensions. Tailored for use with Upload Manager v3.0 from Bayridge Software but will also work with most other upload processors or with your BBS software alone. Works as an offline tester. 21k
hello3.zip Hello! Version 1.30 now with Alias Support Hello! Upgrade for SL ver 3.5 and Up! Now supports alias names for last caller and current user. 60k
ics.zip Caller-ID Call System for SL. Display users phone number. 30k
igate102.zip InterGate v1.02 Multiboard Communications Full UUCP gateway package supporting UUCP, MSG, PKT, BAG and JAM formats. Give your BBS email/newsgroups with this easy to use menu-driven package. Lightning fast gating and support for UUCP or Fidonet downlinks. Email, news, mail lists, auto-responders, editable template messages, file attaches, cc support, newsfix, listserv, statistical graphing and more! We can even provide the UUCP service if you are not yet connected! A complete one-stop solution for your BBS. (released 2/9/2000) 263k
internet.zip INTERNET v1.0 INTERNET is a program that will export Internet mail messages from Searchlight BBS into a Frontend netmail directory. It saves the message in a ?.MSG format for netmail delivery addressed to your UUCP Gateway. Internet is made for BBS's running Searchlight 4.0 and above and that has access to a FIDO<>UUCP gateway 28k
invis.zip Toggle 'I' Invisible Flag in Searchlight. 11k
jive.zip JIVE.LNG This is a hoot, check it out for only Searchlight v 4.5 and up. Afro_American Jive Language, Re-Name it to DEFAULT.LNG 26k
lfdir10.zip LFDIR - List File Directories. Like Searchlight's SLDIR but has more sort options. Can sort on File Name, Date, Downloads, File Size or Description. Sort order can be normal or reversed. Requires a 386 or later and Searchlight versions 4.0+. Another Freeware utility from Wishing Well. 4k
logger.zip Logger Version 2.5 Logger is a command line driven program that will access your syslog.dbf file and send a report to your system mail this version will allow you to enter a name on the command line if you do not use the name Sysop on your system. Logger should be used in a batch file during maintance. See the Doc. 13k
logit.zip Log IT A log off utility for Searchlight version 4.5 ONLY! Uses Logdump.exe to log your current online session to printer and make an archive log in txt format of ALL calls to your BBS. Use this bat file in a logoff door. 12k
logpatch.zip Fix for the Searchlight 4.5 Log File This program will patch a Searchlight SYSLOG.DBF file so that it contains the correct data type for the Time field. It will also correct a minor problem that prevents some applications from loading the SYSLOG file properly. 5k
logwrt10.zip LogWrite v1.0 utility for Searchlight. Searchlight utility to write log file. Versions 4.5+ only. Adds date and time stamped records to SL SYSLOG.DBF file. Can specify ProgID, User, Node#, Action and Message Text. 5k
lrip_101.zip RIPlocal/RIPdrive 1.01: add local RIP viewing capabilities to your programs! You can bundle a TSR with your application, OR simply link in a self-contained library and the BGI. For Turbo C++, Borland C++, or any language which can link with .OBJ files. 219k
lstfl104.zip ListFile v1.04 Has same base funtions as SLdir, include file and subboard headers -- very fast. 12k
m&pcolor.zip M&PCOLOR Version 1.1A *NEW* WORKS! Lets user define colors for bbs! Works on multinode, networks, OS/2. New options! Look in whatsnew.doc! 41k
mailseek.zip MailSeek 1.1 for SL Sysops in Fido/SLNet Scans your config file to build a command file for SLMail containing ONLY the directories that actually have mail. 7k
mailv50.zip Mail v5.0 For Searchlight BBS Mail is made for Searchlight Version v4.5 and higher. Mail is a multi program that will ease the exporting and importing of echomail and it will export Internet e-mail, Mail also has a menu section that will automate the making or deleting of Conferences and editing of the control files for echomail. Mail also will make a files list of your Searchlight directories. Run Mail ? for the help section and to see what mailv5.0 can do. Walter Kuzma - Searchlight Net 250:102/928 Released October 14, 2001 112k
makech45.zip Makecho version 4.5 MAKECHO is written exclusively for anyone who is running Searchlight BBS software and is receiving echomail. This utility will take all the work out creating and deleting conferences from your Searchlight BBS. It will work with any tosser that uses an AREAS.BBS format. Here's a list of what MAKECHO will do for you. 1. Create or delete a conference that you name in Searchlight without the need of Searchlight's Config program. 2. Edit lines in your AREAS.BBS, SLIMPORT.BAT, and SLEXPORT.BAT 3. Create or Delete a Directory used to hold temporary *.MSG files 4. Create a message in your mailer addressed to your uplink requesting the change you want. 67k
maklist.zip Maklist file lister for Searchlight. Maklist A file lister program for Searchlight BBS by Walter Kuzma of 1:2630/116 or walt.kuzma@Juno.com 116k
massmail.zip MassMail facility Searchlight 12-21-94 fixed newuser.exe Create various groups of users capable of receiving mass e-mail Join and unjoin non private groups. In private groups members can be added by the person who created the group only. Mass e-mail messages to all members of a group. View members of a particular group. This is great for clubs and organizations. 264k
memst106.zip MemStat, v1.06! An AUSTRALIAN Searchlight BBS Sub-Board Membership listing and Stats Utility! This program List all your message area's and those who are members of that area. Members are those who use this area. You are then shown when these members first accessed this message area, when they last used it and the current high message pointer set for that user account. It will also delete any users name from a memberfile who hasnt read mail for a while. FREE! For Australian Searchlight BBS Sysops! (c) Copyright 1994, Darren Crick. Portions are Copyright Searchlight Software. 19k
menubar2.zip MenuBar 2 (c) Jim Davis --- Not a newer version of Menubar, but a completely different batch-file menu system. Makes some pretty nice menus. * * * * * FREEWARE * * * * * 18k
meza999.zip Ultimate allfiles lister for Searchlight MezaList v0.99.9 -=RyanWare=- MezaList was designed to create the ultimate allfiles list for Searchlight BBS v3.5+ Allowing total sysop control over all aspects of list layout, design, and recorded information. As a replacement for SLDIR, MezaList contains all of the features of SLDIR, plus many more... Wide area eta release. New: Support for Slim*Port v1.4+! 74k
mkdat12b.zip Date Fixer for Searchilght BBS, v1.2b - "Makedate", a free program to convert year 2000 and later dates in the Searchlight message base between the "old" and "new" formats. THIS IS NEEDED TO MAKE SLMAIL WORK NOW, at least some versions. Released January 14, 2005 24k
mlist102.zip MENULIST The .MNU Lister for Searchlight To allow the operator a convenient method for listing .MNU files and storing the contents in a readable form without the need for the Menu Editor. (c) 1993 Late-Night Software, Inc. by Greg Belanger 16k
mon105b2.zip Monitor v1.05 Beta-2 - ALIAS Support MONITOR will display the USER NAME, ALIAS, LOCATION, STATUS, BAUDRATE and your system's total calls as well as the last user to call. Copyright (c) 1994, Virtual Realities 25k
mpd204a.zip Most Popular Downloaded Files 2.04a Searchlight Utility that allows Sysop's to generate many different combination's of ascii text file reports of the most popular downloaded files on their BBS. Great for making File Area Header Files, Bulletins, or import (via SLMAIL) into a message area. Many Features. ------- Great for nightly event ------- LOW REGISTRATION - NON CRIPPLED WARE ------- Fully Working Copy ------- (c) 1994 Jerry Carson, Fred Stoll 46k
mpv1.zip -MostPost By: James R. Hellriegel Jr- Most Post v1.0 is a FREEWARE utility door for Searchlight based BBS systems. This program reads conferences and calcualates how many posts EVERY user on your BBS makes and ranks them. Compatabile with .SUB files created by SL. Similar to "TopTen.EXE" which ranks your Top Callers/DL'ers/UL'ers... 28k
newdsys.zip Fixes DOOR.SYS for your ANSI games If you use Searchlight ver 4.5 and use DOOR.SYS with ANSI door games, Then you need this file. Fixes RIP callers not seeing ANSI in many games. ** FREEWARE ** 15k
nocrash.zip Reboot system after xx mins no activity. 2k
nwspro10.zip NewsLetter Pro v1.0. Newsletter creating-updating-editing utility for any BBS that can use ANSI, ASCII, Rip, HTML, or Wildcat! @ coded output. View/edit/erase your newsletters from within the program. Can maintain multiple newsletters. Built in editor, or use your own from within the program. HTML output is highly configurable including use of your own header and footer. Many other features. By -Noel Software- Copyright (c) 1997 Thomas J. Smith 151k
oldel15.zip OLDEL 1.5 - SLBBS Offline File Delete - New this version: Stack Error Fix. This program was written to clean up those nasty files that you have deleted over the years. These files also appear when you do an import/upgrade on a directory off CD-ROM (Mother of Invention). These files will be marked with a "*" and show up EVERYWHERE in you files listings after an UPDATE is run either through DIRMAINT.EXE or your internal UPDATE in your Sysop Files section. Global-Tech 95' 8/13/95 27k
once.zip Once (c) Jim Davis Adds a username to a data file if it's not found, exits with an appropriate errorlevel. Multiple data files, mul-tiple purposes. *FREEWARE* for Searchlight BBS's 8k
onestop3.zip OneStop v1.3 for UTSMail & Searchlight >>>>>>>>>>> OneStop v1.3 <<<<<<<<<<< OneStop is a management utility for use with the UTSMail system. It will elliminate the need for you to edit multiple text files every time you make changes to your echomail areas. It will build your CHK4MSG.SL2, SLMB1.SL2, and *.SUB files from data maintained in a small database. For first time setup of UTSMail it will build your IMPORT and EXPORT batch files. FREE by Wayne Robinson 44k
onetime1.zip Show users LOGIN door ONCE per day only! Comes with companion utility! 11k
openclos.zip Usefull for opening/closing the fossil Usefull for opening-closing the fossil before-after running a DOS door from a 32bit BBS: OPENFOS (comport) will open the fossil driver CLOSEFOS (comport) will close it. 10k
ozwho110.zip OZWHO v 1.10 Searchlight WHO Replacement An AUSTRALIAN Seachlight BBS WHO Command replacment! By Darren Crick! Shows how many nodes are available, who's online and some basic information on each of them, it also shows some basic information on the user who is using the utility. Its Desqview aware in that while waiting to be returned to the BBS it will give up its clocks ticks for other nodes helping to speed up other operations going on. FREE! For Australian Searchlight BBS Sysops! (c) Copyright 1994, Darren Crick. Portions are Copyright Searchlight Software. 13k
pdjump21.zip PDJump v2.1 from PDome Software. PDJump replaces the Searchlight internal JUMP command. It displays the subboard name, description, number of messages, membership status, number of new messages, and personal message status. The user selects a subboard to jump to with the arrow keys. The user can also JOIN and UNJOIN subboards as well as CATCHUP or mark all messages as read. PDJump uses Searchlight's internal communications support. PDJump is shareware and costs as little as $20. 24k
pdmail17.zip PDMail v1.7 from PDome Software. PDMail v1.7 is used with SLBBS v4.0 and above. It exports mail messages addressed to an internet user and forwards them to a UUCP gateway. It is extremely easy to use and is freeware. 22k
pcmemb11.zip PDMember performs several functions on the subboard member and user files. The functions are : CATCHUP (mark all messages read in current, all, or a specific subboard), JOIN (join a user to a subboard), UNJOIN (unjoin a user from a subboard), VALIDATE (validate a user to a default access level), DELETE (delete a user from the user file). 16k
pdrch17.zip PDRoach imports the short and extended description of files received by Tick. This version uses one config file to operate on all areas. PDRoach also posts an announcement in a specified subboard. Now includes a /nodelete option. 22k
pdstat10.zip PDStat v1.0 from PDome Software. PDStat is a handy utility to display the information stored in the SLBBS statistics log file, as well as the caller log file, and the node status file. It has three display screens, one associated with each file. The Main Screen displays six statistics (Total Calls, New Messages Posted, New Mail for Sysop, New Users, Files Uploaded, and Files Downloaded) in each of four categories (Activity since midnight, Activity since Sysop's last session, Activity since last global reset, and Activity since SLBBS v4.0 installation). The global reset section can be reset with the F5 key. The Call Log Screen displays the last nineteen callers (by the name used to login with, alias or real), the date of login, the time of login, and the location of the caller. The Node Status Screen displays the first nineteen nodes. If a user is logged in, PDStat displays the user's name and their status (Entering Messages, Downloading a File, Uploading a File, etc.). If there is no user logged in, PDStat displays a waiting message. 19k
phone.zip Phone Check Door Version 1.0 For Searchlight BBS''S Using Searchlight TPU''s By Walter J Kuzma JR 46k
pkz204g.exe In a Dos system or a NT system, this is needed to handle files. It also works well in the other Windows versions. Required to allow unarchiving and reading of the files when uploaded to the BBS. Just copy the Executables into your main slbbs directory. 197k
porthv10.zip Port Watch (TSR) for BBS Systems. A (MUST HAVE) for any SysOp of of a small (SINGLE) or large (MULTI) node BBS/HOST. PortWatch is a small TSR that helps make sure your BBS stays up and running. This UNCRIPPLED version will let you sleep at night (TRY-B4U-BUY) Cheap Registration. M A D E I N C A N A D A 40k
ppage210.zip Pocket Pager v 2.1 Page The Sysop with either Siren.exe which goes to your internal speaker, or if you have a SoundBlaster you can use either a .CMF or a .VOC (1-09-93) 72k
prefer11.zip Prefer 1.1 (c) Jim Davis Searchlight command-line utility to set user preferences like `pause between msgs? (y/n/p)' and so forth. Set language, internal protocols, RIP font size, and preference attributes. 15k
protog10.zip PROTOG v1.0 - Mail Protection Utility for SL PROTOG (PROtection TOGgle) protects or unprotects all mail in a specific user's mailbox. ***FREEWARE from Aged Peregrine Software*** 17k
prune_10.zip PruneLog v1.0 log file pruning utility. PruneLog is a multi-log pruning utility designed to work with log files from SLBBS's activity log to Front Door's log to some door programs log files. It keeps your log files down to a reasonable length by pruning the file to however many days you specify. Several log types supported. If you have another, send it in & it will be added. 32k
ptfb1084.zip PTFB (Push the Freakin' Button) v1.06.04 Author: Technology Lighthouse PTFB v1.06.3 Author: Paul A. Roberts Version:1.06.04 Price:Freeware Operating System(s):Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 9.x http://www.tlhouse.co.uk/ Some programs pester you with their endless dialog boxes repeating the same questions. Would you like to do X? Are you sure you mean to do Y? If you know what you want and are tired of telling your PC the same things over and over, use PTFB (short for "Push the Freakin' Button"), a button-pressing utility. When a dialog box asks the PC equivalent of "are we there yet?", tell PTFB which button it should press, and the program will take care of that specific dialog from then on out. You can set the program to press the same button in similar dialogs as well. 472k
punter.zip Punter Protocol v1.04 used by C-64 C-128 used by C-64 C-128 (C)Copyright 1989 Data Technology Corp. All Rights Reserved. Can be added for Searchlight's UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD Protocol. 20k
pwrgate.zip PowerGate 0.1 Beta (by Ace Armstrong) -- PowerGate is a utility for SYSOPs who wish to be able to launch separate doors, determined by a command line metacharacter. (For instance, to launch a page door if the the SYSOP is available, or a message-taking door if the SYSOP is not.) Designed for Searchlight, will probably work on most other systems. **** REPORTBUGSWARE **** Anyone can use this program for free, so long as they report any bugs they find to the author! *8) 40k
qc22.zip Quotes & Comments v2.2 Randomly displays 1 of over 8300 quotes or comments. Requires DOS 3.3+ and Searchlight 3.5+. Shareware. 1/24/96 379k
quip214.zip Quip ver 2.14 for Searchlight Displays a one line quote at login Supports ascii, ANSI, RIP 1.54 & 2.0 Freeware from Robert Fogt 16k
quotil.zip Toggles Quotes_On on basis of user or SLMAIL in one or all subboards. Internal Support for "\SB" 5k
qwikoff.zip Qwikoff immediately disconnects the user on-line. It is best suited as an INSTANT LOGOFF command, which will work from ANY menu. It SAFELY disconnects the user *RIGHT AWAY* ..No "Please Enter a quote" to slow the user's exit, they will be gone as soon as the key is depressed - Just like ALT-H! 7k
r200fix.zip Fix Runtime ERROR 200 for fast CPU in Turbo/Borland Pascal DOS programs (unit CRT) caused by to fast CPU. By Veit Kannegieser ------- NOTE: from Paul Casey - Went from a 200mhz to a 1.5ghz CPU, Found NONE of my DOORS would run on the TELNET NODE, This saved the day! Just put r200fix.com in the root of your drive, then put r200fix.com on the last line of your autoexec.bat file. 16k
rampk21b.zip RAMPACK v2.0 - Conference Optimizer. -=RyanWare=- The ultimate subboard optimization utility for Searchlight BBS v2.15 and greater. Processes on RAM drive - increase speed 3x! Fully multi-tasking compliant. Multiple virtual windows for easy progresss monitoring. User interruptable w/menu. Detailed log with summary. Released to the public 55k
rand103.zip Randomize your login/logoff screens 14k
random17.zip RANDOMIZE - LOGIN, LOGOFF, OPENING, ETC. RANDOM - 1.7 - Added 30 more menus able to be cycled. Tired of the same login, logoff, screens, menus and RIP backgrounds? Cycling them with a batch file? This program will fix you right up. This will also deal with all the RIP "WALL's" that Searchlight 4.0 added so now the user does not have to see the same old CHATWALL or READWALL every time they log in! Does so little so fast we made it FREE! Enjoy. Global-Tech Aug 95' 14k
rawritew.zip RAWrite for Windows. Use this program to create and write images of floppy disks. Use this file to create SLBBS installation disks from the release packages! 209k
reward01.zip Reward users for posts! VERY handy! Works GREAT! Scans each sub seperately! 19k
ripdlmnu.zip Automatically Download RIPTERM to Users. This package contains the files needed to automatically prompt non-RIP callers to download the RIPterm package. Non-RIP callers will see the prompt at least once, but also have the option to shut off the prompt if they don't wish to download RIPterm. The files contained in this package: RIPDL.MNU - Menu file prompts users to download RIPterm. RIPDL.TXT - Text file describing RIP graphics to non-RIP callers. RIPDL.RIP - RIP graphics screen introducing RIP to your RIP callers. 8k
rombud36.zip ROM BUDDY is the ULTIMATE tool for creating BBS description files. ROM BUDDY scans directories of archived files extracts the FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI or the first line of the SDN.ID and writes a description file. ROM BUDDY can write a FMS style or one of several FILES.BBS formats, including a wide format for SEARCHLIGHT. ROM BUDDY will use the FILES.BBS when processing a CDROM directory if the FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI or SDN.ID does not exist. ROM BUDDY is also a great tool for BBS callers. It's EASY to make a list of file descriptions of any directory of files with ROM BUDDY. 49k
sfum.zip User Morph v1.0 - Login as ANYONE on your Searchlight BBS without their password! You can even login as the desired user while they are online! Super secure and SL-like! SysFlip v.99a - Toggles the SuperUser flag (Grants Sysop access) and uses SL's hashing routines to store the password! A must have for super secure remote administration! Both programs written by Jim Hellriegel 12/08/97 and are free. Enjoy! 30k
simplog.zip Creates an easy to read Activity.Log for Searchlight BBSs. This program will read Searchlights existing Activity.Log and convert it into a more easily read format. FREE!!!! From Larry Edwards - Tinker software 15k
sl!utils.zip Free SLBBS Utilities from Holland. Includes WildCat to SLBBS Converter! 94k
sl&fd2.zip Setup info for SEARCHLIGHT BBS and FRONT DOOR. Includes .BAT files. 53k
sl-ma210.zip SL-MENU ACCESS v2.10eta Change any MENU Command Access via Command Line Parameters Or using the @FILENAME.EXT Param(regisgered only) A great utility to turn off and on any command during an event. NEW VERSION NOW SUPPORTS REQUIRED AND EXCLUDED ATTRIBUTES! 13k
sla121.zip Searchlight Log Analyzer version 1.2. Reads the new SYSLOG.DBF Searchlight log file and displays it in a form that is easy to follow. Will even convert the log file into the original text log files used in versions 4.0 and below. Easy-to-use interface makes this program a dream to use for those who wish to see specific information. User-selected days to view, 9 primary display options, 5 secondary (selected user) display options, command-line options for creating original text file logs, and selected individual node option. Requires Searchlight 4.5 or above. 100k
sland95.zip Searchlight Setup for Windows 95 and Searchlight version 4.5b as a Dial-Up only. 293k
slapply.zip SLAPPLY New User Program for Searchlight - Slpply Nw Us Pgm F Sls 4. Wks Lk nffm nd Snds Ml Whn Nwus Lgs n Kp Tck f Nw Usrs!! Gvt W Pductns 36k
slbadguy.zip Slbadguy checker (names,phone) 4-15-94 Slbadguy will check a users name and phone number against a list that you want rejected from your bbs. Will send a rejection message. Will validate rejected user to new values. Keeps a log file and sends e-mail to sysop You have a choice of how to reject: 1) Name only, 2) Phone number only, 3) Both name AND phone number, 4) Either name OR phone. Another door from Eagles Eye BBS 207-724-2016 38k
slbl120.zip SLBL Rev1.13 (Searchlight Black Lister) SLBL Rev1.13 (Searchlight Black Lister) was created to keep certain troublesome users out of SLBBS systems simply and effectively. It was originally incorporated into SLPE (Searchlight Password Entry), but due to demand was released as an idividual product. SLBL locks out unwanted user from your system by comparing the user's name to a list supplied by the Sysop. It will run transparently to the user unless they are in your list of unwanted users and then will proceed to hang up on them. This will make SLBBS a much more secure BBS system. 11k
slc260.zip Convert Ansi screens to SLBBS Compatible Color Text Files. CSWare Software by Shawn Cummings - Registration is $10. 24k
slcd.zip SLCD v1.00 - For SearchLight BBS's - For all those SearchLight BBS Sysop's who are tired of spending hours adding CD's to their BBS. Cuts a 2 hour job to a few minutes. Can process Night Owl CD-Roms in under 2 minutes. 47k
slclass.zip Add Classified ads to your board. Not a door program, but instructions on how to create a fully integrated sub menu utilizing the powerful features of the Searchlight subboard and message facility. Easy to follow instructions with subboard text files already included. For Searchlight 4.0 only. Freeware!!! 8k
slcpro26.zip SLCPro v2.6 Ansi Viewer/Converter. Allows you to scroll through a list of ansi screens for easy viewing. Can optionally shell to your favorite ansi editor. Also exports to Searchlight Specific Color Compatible Text Files for both Email/Messages and Menu Screens #160 Displays. Requires DOS 5.0 or higher. Shareware. 28k
sldirrpt.zip SLDirRpt v1.0 Reports on SearchLight BBS's File Directory space taken up. Always know which SL Directories use the most hard drive space. Event oriented. Have SLDirRpt start another program when a file minimum has been reached. Registration $0. Freeware. Another fine SearchLight Utility from Fox Cyber-Technology. 20k
sldosmsg.zip SLDosMSG v1.0 Uploads a textfile as a message to your SearchLight BBS, in any message base, to who ever, from anyone with any subject you want. Event oriented. Have SLDosMsg run to notify you of another program's error level. Registration $0. Freeware. Another fine SearchLight Utility from Fox Cyber-Technology. 23k
sldropcr.zip Searchlight drop carrier monitor. Will check if a dropped carrier was used to logoff and will send e-mail to user in violation and also will send e-mail allerting the sysop as to who dropped carrier and the number of warnings that have been issued to the user. 50k
slexp100.zip -- SLExpire version 1.00 -- The user expiration utility for SLBBS This freeware program is designed to manage your expiring user accounts in Searchlight BBS quickly and efficiently. You can specify specific, separate actions for users on different access levels. It will allow you to return people to any access level when an account expires, delete the account, or make no change whatsoever. It has the option to send notification messages based upon several criteria. SLExpire will maintain a log file for easy review or bug checks. It will also optionally make a report to any subboard and user. by Chris Ruvolo -- 1:2604/208 50k
slgdmp17.zip SLogDump v1.7 (c) Jim Davis A better/faster LOGDUMP for Searchlight 4.5! Can convert the .DBF file to old-style ACTIVITY.LOG and FILES.LOG files, search for username, progids with spaces in them, alternate filenames, and custom formatting. * * * * * F R E E W A R E * * * * * 13k
slgif203.zip Searchlight GIF Categorizer v2.03 SLGIFCAT is a utility for Searchlight BBS which will categorize all GIF files in a Searchlight BBS DIR file based on the type of video adapter required to view the GIF. The descriptions of GIF files in Searchlight directories can then be altered to contain a prefix denoting the video type: C=CGA, E=EGA, V=VGA, S=SVGA. This video type is determined by the number of colors described in the GIF file. Copyright 1991, Tim Rossiter 35k
slimp153.zip Slim*Port (SL Import) v1.5.3 - RyanWare Upgrades file areas to SLBBS v3.5+ ARC ARJ LZH PAK SDN SQZ ZIP & ZOO. Uses DESC.SDI for short descriptions Uses FILE_DIZ for long descriptions. Adds file transfer estimates. Adds .GIF specifications. Supports FILES.BBS imports. Released to the public. 58k
slinfest.zip Imports descriptions into SLBBS file directories using FILES.BBS 16k
slit111.zip SLIT 1.1 - Searchlight Internet Tosser. Uses the FREE Internet software in OS/2 Warp to add Internet email to Searchlight. Using this software you can add Internet email (both ways) to your BBS for $12.95/month or less. Shareware - $19. 40k
slmisc12.zip SL miscellaneous utilites (package v1.2) Member List and Purge, Mail List and Purge, and ALIAS.SL2 builder. Replaces MEMBUT21.ZIP, ALIASBLD.ZIP, and MAILUTIL.ZIP. Member List has been updated for Y2K. Freeware by William McBrine. Released January 14, 2005 71k
slmon20.zip SL node MONitor (v2.0) for Searchlight BBS. The latest version of SLMON, a Searchlight Node Monitor. Runs under DESQview and monitors all active nodes in a nice window using your BBS defined colors. New status screen and compiled with latest TPU's. This program is free, contribution requested. 07-09-94 TJS Version 2.00 17k
slnetnss.zip How to for SLBBS and networking. This package contains instructions and all the software needed to set up a frontend mailer and join SL_Net or Fidonet. It supports the Binkley/squish combination and includes all needed config and control files for easy setup. Fully supported by me and the SL_Net administration. Marge Robbins 1.3mb
sln0803.zip SL_Net InfoPak. -=- Updated Aug-21-2003 Information and Application for joining SL_Net, the international network of Searchlight Bulletin Board Systems. Owner and ZC - Paul Casey - Seattle, Wa. 27k
slog120.zip Search*Log - SYSLOG.DBF log file browser For use with Searchlight 4.5. Here is the easiest and most advanced activity log viewer to browse through a SYSLOG.DBF activity log file. Search*Log allows the Sysop to quickly review the contents of a SYSLOG.DBF activity log. All activity codes are reformated on screen in clear, easy to understand English. Exports to ASCII. A "must have" for all Sysops using Searchlight 4.5 and greater. Version 1.2 66k
slopen2.zip >>>>>>>>>>> SLOPEN v 2.1 <<<<<<<<<<< SLOPEN is the original Searchlight BBS opening screen rotater. This version has been redone to include support for RIP files as well as the ANS and TXT files. The LOGIN.* files can be defined in advance for each day of the year, rotated weekly for days 1-7, or by a default file. Very configurable, easy to use, and proven reliable. FREE by Wayne Robinson 33k
slpref10.zip SL - PREF v1.00 for SL 2.15 and 2.25! SL-PREF is an easy to use menu program for Searchlight to allow the users to change the commands to the way THEY want them to be. Searchlight 2.25 added in user preferences, but made it too hard for users to understand. For all you SYSOPS still running, Searchlight 2.15, I recommend you upgrade to Searchlight 2.25! I am awaiting the much anticipated release of the new Searchlight 3.0! I will update SL-PREF when it does if needed. 41k
slprompt.zip Use SL-style yes/no prompts in batch files. 9k
slripkey.zip Searchlight RIP Keyboard ver 1.2 Add RIP support to your ANSI games. Works with most ANSI door games. Puts a RIP keyboard at the bottom of the screen. Non-crippled. An Urban Jungle production 31k
slripkey.zip Searchlight RIP Keyboard ver 1.2 Add RIP support to your Works with most ANSI door games. Puts a RIP keyboard at the bottom of your screen. Non-crippled. An Urban Jungle production 31k
sls.zip SLsysop/2 v.04a The ultimate addition to your BBS, allows you to interact and get information from your Searchlight BBS without using cryptic command line utilities or text mode interfaces. Included are a node monitor, offline mailer, user info viewer, quote editor, command line util runner and much more. This is the ULTIMATE sysop package for SL under ANY operating system! ***** Network ready!!! ***** October 8, 1998 REQ: OS/2 3.0+, REXX, SLBBS 4.0+ 512k
slswap.zip SLSWAP Ver1.0 Screen Swapper for Searchlight BBS. It will allow you to switch login screens each time a user calls. It will swap out 3 LOGIN.RIP screens. This is just basicly a test program and there will be a shareware version of this program for release in the upcoming weeks. It will support up to 99 screens to swap out. 31k
sltc31.zip SLTC (SearchLight TodaysCalls) v 3.1 Displays to the user or sysop those callers who have called since midnight. Charles dstrom Copyright(c)1991 11k
sltoggle.zip SLToggle 1.1 (c) Jim Davis Searchlight command-line utility to set chat availability, superuser, mail invisibility, session limits, and local hotkeys, all from dos. NON-Interactive, and free. 9k
sltpu45a.zip Searchlight Developer's API v4.5 BETA Developer's tools for use with Searchlight 4.5 and Borland Turbo Pascal version 7.0. This is a beta release for version 4.5. It documents the new data files and fields, and adds support for longer messages and unlimited conferences. It is recommended that you upgrade your programs to use the new library. 157k
sluser.zip Join New Users to Subboards. via a door 15k
slusers.zip SLUsers/SLUShow (c) Jim Davis Searchlight command-line utility to extract user lists and format them to text output. * F R E E W A R E * 24k
sluucp.zip SLUUCP v4.0 will Export Internet E-Mail messages from Searchlight BBS into *.MSG files. Registered version will UUENCODE attached files and add the UUENCODED file to the message. Registration is $20.00 and includes tech. support and free upgrades. Also enclosed is Cyber Technologies Internet feed service agreement. Internet News & Mail feeds are available for $15.00 mo. Unlimited E-Mail, 50 newsgroups, additional newsgroups $1 ea. per month. Also includes CyberNet DNS. Internet addresses are: firstname.lastname@_your-bbs_.cybertechbbs.com All E-Mail and news is sent back and forth via a FIDO compatible network. For more info call 201-338-8630[voice] or 201-338-1076[bbs] 33k
slv1zak.zip Slview V1.00 FREEWARE by Smith/Huntley - This is Version 1.00 Slview. This was written by Zak Smith, and updated by Brian Huntley. This program is FREEWARE and no reg is needed. This has NO need for a KEY or REG code any longer. Thanks to Zak Smith for releasing this program. Be sure that the ARCHIVE.CFG is in the same Directory. 28k
slvm130.zip ViaMAIL! v1.30 - Lightning Fast Mailer/Tosser for SL4.5 ViaMAIL! is a product whereby all the elements of sending and receiving echomail, netmail and TIC files within a Fido compatible network have been merged into one package eliminating the need for external programs to handle the separate duties. This includes, a front-end mailer, a echomail tosser, a TIC file tosser, nodelist/nodediff compiler, message editor, message packer, message router, event scheduler, areafix/raid processor. Just like Ragu' Via Software 448 N. Cedar Bluff Rd #225 Knoxville TN, 37923 1:3615/319 or 250:250/40 Voice: 423-670-8407 9am-5pm EST BBS: 423-670-8408 28.8bps V34 Internet: joefromviasoft@msn.com j.martin@viasft.com FileDate: February 24, 1997 1.72mb
slvm140.zip ViaMAIL! v 1.40 for Searchlight UNZIP this archive over version 1.30 ! FileDate: July 1, 1998 1.21mb
slvm150.zip ViaMAIL! v 1.50 For Searchlight UNZIP this archive over version 1.40 ! FileDate: October 10, 1999 867k
slvm160c.zip ViaMAIL! v 1.60c For Searchlight UNZIP this archive over version 1.50 ! FileDate: March 16, 2000 867k
slvm160d.zip ViaMAIL! v 1.60d For Searchlight UNZIP this archive over version 1.60c ! FileDate: April 10, 2000 901k
slvw084.zip Updated slview program. archive view/ext 28k
slx10.zip SLXtract v0.9 Files.BBS creator for SearchLight BBS's. Create standard files.bbses from a SearchLight directorty. Convert from SearchLight to another bbs format without losing file descriptions. Take files off the hard drive to put on cdrom. Get hard drive space back, and have secure file storage with file descriptions. Registration $15. Do one directory at a time, or all in one command. Insert files.bbs into the file directories, or specify another location. An excellent utility for file handling, for bbs's that are truly file oriented. This is the next step for any who intend to use read/write technology. STOP BUYING HARD DRIVES! Another fine SearchLight Utility from Fox Cyber-Technology. 45k
sl_lingo.zip Edit your DEFAULT.LNG file! For SL v4.0a Want a quick, easy to edit your language file for Searchlight v4.0a? Then try this! Freeware --- of course! MattComm Systems - A Searchlight ONLY BBS All Searchlight-Only files : Not yet public Have patience! :-) MattComm Systems of Anchorage, Ak - RP Mattice, Sysop -1995. 3k
sl_menus.zip New & Exciting Menus for SLv4.0a! From MattComm Systems BBS of course! . 8k
sl_netnl.zip SLNET - Searchlight Nodelist June 26, 2005 Owner & ZC Paul Casey - Seattle, Wa. NOTE: The DATA number Changed to 206-783-7979 6k
sl_rand.zip Randomize Login/Logoff Ansi/Text screens 12k
sl_expire.zip Show Account Expiry Date to User On-line Expiration Date Lister/Notifier for SL. 23k
spot45.zip Spotlight 4.5 Upgrade Patch. Upgrades Spotlight 4.0 to 4.5. New version adds QWK mail preferences, new user defaults, and other Searchlight 4.5 features to Spotlight. Requires Spotlight 4.0 to install. 96k
srchlght.zip Searchlight command shell for Synchronet. 31k
ss260.zip Super Survey v 2.60 for Searchlight IMPORTANT Super Survey 2.60 requires you to DELETE any .DAT and .IX files you have from a previous version. Survey 2.60 will rebuild these files when run. You do not need to delete your database (.DBF) files, nor will you lose any data from previous runs with earlier versions. IMPORTANT: If you are upgrading from an older version of SS, be sure to update your doors files and batch files to conform to this new syntax. 78k
stat100.zip SL-STATLINE v1.0 Adds Status Line w/GSZ - S L - S T A T L I N E v 1 . 0 0 For Searchlight BBS Versions 2.15 and 2.25! Release Date: 4/5/92 SL-STATLINE is a small program that will work with Omen Technologies' GSZ external protocol door. What SL-STATLINE does is adds in a Searchlight-like status line on the 25th line of the screen. 12k
statsb10.zip STATSBAR v 1.0 Adds Status line w/GSZ S T A T S B A R v1.0 CopyRight (c), 1992 -=RyanWare=- -=FreeWare=- This utility will display a users name, file statistics and access while downloading files from Searchlight BBS if you use GSZ. 11k
status.zip "Status" for Searchlight v4.5 and UP - Status is a Program that will show a callers status on your system. It requires direct video support if used in a menu. I use it in my statup menu but you can set it up anywhere you can even run it from dos.. 13k
status11.zip Replacement Files Status Command. Identical to Searchlights but shows stats for ALL drives ( incl Network, CD-Rom and Compressed drives) in a more readable Megabytes. Sysops (or everyone if <-d> on command line are shown a breakdown of capacity's in percentages and warned of nearly full disks. Works for 2.25-3.5. Uses SLBBS colours, local status bar, easy to read, quick, and best of all totally FREE! What's New Since V1.0 ? - V1.1 corrects the two 'mysteriously' missing day, date, time & Time Left lines!. Wraps neatly into 2 columns if more than 12 logical drvs, indicates CD-ROM drives and calculates them at 540Mb each. Download it today and impress your users with your amount of disk space! 17k
submg102.zip Subboard Manager 1.02.. Displays subs and highlights joined. Lets Users join/unjoin on the fly. 16k
syslog.zip Viewer/Editor 4 Searchlight's SYSLOG.DBF >>>>>>>>>>> SYSLOG v1.0 <<<<<<<<<<<< Viewer / Editor for Searchlight BBS's new SYSLOG.DBF file. This will let the sysop view the database in a scrolling list box and edit any line with a pop-up editor. Enjoy! FREE by Wayne Robinson 265k
tbs_11.zip Total Bulletin System for Searchlight BBS 61k
tc2sl203.zip Tic2Sl v2.03. Date bugfix. Now kills Files Descriptions. by: Zak Smith 19k
tdcheck.zip You need, This is For Upload Manager !! 14k
tellem20.zip Tells when user logs into other nodes! FREEWARE! MULTI-NODE SEARCHLIGHT required! 10k
tlml41a.zip Telemail v4.1a - Send ALL Users Mail ! 24k
tnmake05.zip TopTen Maker! Makes various TOP TEN listings. 29k
topstat1.zip TOPSTATS v1.0 - Displays Top callers. Searchlight specific utility to display Top Callers, Downloaders, and Uploaders. Displays in ANSI if detected with all columns aligned. Skips Not Validated users and optionally, those with access levels of 254 and above. Very tiny (4K compared to SL's 22K) and fast. Requires a 386 or higher CPU. Command options similiar to original TOPSTATS.EXE. Another Freeware utility from Wishing Well. 5k
tp55.zip Borlund Turbo Pascal v5.5 with Complete Reference Manual in .PDF 3.56mb
tquest.zip TQUEST New User Script Questionaire for Searchlight BBS, by Clifford F. Blessing. Very Easy Setup. This will work with All version's of Searchlight. 32k
ulist106.zip Userlist v 1.06 Searchlight Text Listing - An AUSTRALIAN Seachlight BBS Text User Listing Utility! By Darren Crick! (Previously named: OZUSER!) This Utility for the Searchlight BBS System, makes a Text listing of all your system users which you or your assistant sysop may view as you please! FREE for Australian Searchlight BBS Operators... for Searchlight v4.0 ONLY! (c) Copyright 1994, Darren Crick. Portions are Copyright Searchlight Software Inc. 15k
ulman30a.zip UPLOAD MANAGER FOR SEARCHLIGHT 3.0a *********** Upload processor for Searchlight BBSs only! Tests ZIP/ARJ/LZH/RAR/ZOO/PAK/ARC/GIF/SQZ/SDNs. Integ test, virus scan, ZIP/ARJ comment, format conversion, multinode aware, import/reformat file descriptions, MORE!!! Very reasonable price with free upgrades! From Bayridge Software, Released 03/15/1997 126k
ulp_228.zip UpLoadProcessor v2.28b*** Overall Winner *** of the 1995 PCBoard Favorite Add-on Contest! Detects, processes and converts archives, nested archives and imbedded pathed archives. Also processes selected uncompressed files. Three online modes and three event modes of operation available. Integrated duplication system, ZDCS supported as well. Extremely configurable using a menu-driven system manager. Fixes Y2K Date problem. 381k
upchk71f.zip UPCHECK 7.1f Checks uploads for age, viruses and duplicates by crc32. Inserts FILE_ID.DIZ/DESC.SDI into RA/PB/PCBoard/TriBBS/FILES.BBS file listing. It can post messages when files fail. Custom messages. Direct Hudson/JAM/PCB msgbase support with the ability to use a 3rd party package for others. RIP. Can add number of files/date & GIF/JPG info to descriptions. Supports ARC/ARJ/LHA/LZH/PAK/SQZ/UC2/RAR/ZIP/ZOO/GIF/JPG/SFX and GUS. No Fossil required. See FREE-KEY.TXT for FREEWARE registration!!! ****** Released July 26, 1997 as Freeware. ****** 176k
userplus.zip UserPlus Information Print Utility - Prints user's information in a report form on an IBM compatible printer. Requires DOS 5.0+, SL 4.5, and IBM compatible printer that can print condensed print. Shareware. 15k
userstat.zip Display User Status for SLBBS. This small program shows the most interesting user information in a clearly view. Configurable language files, german and english version included. * FREEWARE * (C) 1997 by Christian Luebke 23k
ut37.zip UT - Upload Tester v3.7 For SLBBS. Features include ability to Unarchive and integrity check upto 8 definable compression types. Delete other BBS ads in archives, add your own ad *into* archive, change archive file header ad, recompress using maximum compression, virus check, optionally delete specific file types, optionally accept specific file types. >>> UT CAN CREATE A FILE_ID.DIZ for S3M's and MOD's <<< Define specific filenames to reject and more! Shareware. Requires DOS 5.0+, SLBBS 3.5+. CSWare 11/27/1995. 23k
utsmail2.zip >>>>>>>>>>> UTSMail v1.2 <<<<<<<<<<<< Echomail optimization for Searchlight BBS system. Makes use of the error-level drops from SLMail via a custom "created on the fly" batch file. This system insures that SLMail will only do work on a message area that has work for it to do. FREE by Wayne Robinson 23k
uum104.zip Uumail Update to version 1.04. This is a minor update for Uumail that fixes a problem with LAN operation, Compuserve gateway addresses, and forwarded mail. Details enclosed. Download only if you are running Uumail 1.0. 62k
uum110.zip Uumail Update to version 1.10. This is a minor update for Uumail that allows you to use the new conference and message size limits in Searchlight 4.5. You must be running Uumail version 1.04 and Searchlight 4.5 to use this patch. 139k
uum112.zip Uumail Update to version 1.12. This is a minor update for Uumail. Includes a pause feature for multitasking systems, ability to ignore control messages, bug fixes and other improvements. You must be running Uumail version 1.10 to install this patch. 85k
valen17c.zip Valence 1.7c - Offline Mail System for SL: A QWK mail door and network utility that offers much more than Searchlight's internal QWK. New in this version: More QWKE support; more conferences; miscellaneous bug fixes. For all versions of Searchlight BBS from 2.15C on. Freeware by William McBrine. 150k
viaview.zip ViaView v1.00 Read MSG,PKT, for ViaMAIL! - This program was nothing more than a test bed to help ensure the code I was writing for the upcoming windows version of ViaMAIL! would perform properly. In its present form it will read most anything you through at it from a MSG, PKT, ZIP and so on and display it in a readable manner. Joe Martin jmartin@viasft.com 415k
wait.zip Produce a Press [ENTER] like SL in batch 7k
waka-new.zip Put WHATSNEW.EXE in your Startup MENU - Want to setup David Swards WHATSNEW.EXE in a MENU ? Put it in your STARTUP Menu and let your Users decide if they want it, using, attributes. Enclosed is help file and the .MNU file. And Detailed Instructions. Updated: readme.txt, whatsnew.exe, .doc, .mnu -- by: Paul Casey of Waka Waka BBS - Seattle -- NOTE: Will Not Work On Telnet Systems. 33k
warp2sl.zip **** Warp2SL by Chris Herold **** Instruction text for setting up Searchlight BBS under OS/2 Warp. This is an excellent walk through which contains, not only detailed instructions, but switch settings, a 16 bit Icon for Searchlight and a copy of Ray Gwynn's fossil driver for OS/2. This is invaluable for any sysop running OS/2 warp. 205k
warp9v25.zip WARP 9 - The Premier Batch File Creator This program is a must have for SL Sysops who are tired of creating import/export batch files for their echos. Cuts a half hour job down to about five minutes. Now includes a function to export mail only from Conferences with new mail to export! SPEEDS UP MAIL PROCESSING! FREE! 24k
watchdog.zip WATCHDOG (WATCHDG1 for COM1 and WATCHDOG for COM2) monitors the Carrier signal (DCD, Pin 8) status on the designated Serial Port, and re-Boots the machine if carrier is dropped. This reset WILL include the power-on self-test (Cold Boot). (by James R. Reinders & Jim Kovalsky; Highland, MI) Public Domain/Freeware, feel free to copy and distribute. 5k
watchkit.zip SLBBS: Keeps Doors from Hanging 13k
whtsn345.zip Whatsnew v3.45 - SL News Utility This is version 3.45 of David Sward's FREE-WARE program Whatsnew, for SL 4.5+. New features include: Optional MAIN.SUB-style order files 40-character file descriptions ***FREEWARE*** From Aged Peregrine Software. NOTE: Will Not Work On Telnet Systems. 47k
windoscm.zip Tips for running DOS Communication's Multi-Tasked under Windows. 4k
wxman40.zip WxMan v 3.03 & v 4.01 - WEATHER BULLETIN GENERATOR Generates bulletins formats for many different BBS packages using data from the WeatherMation information service. Requires FOSSIL driver. Multitasker support, and minimal system requirements make this the best weather package out there! NOW Two Versions, 2nd one does not require a FOSSIL Driver. FREEWARE! <<< Also has Searchlight BBS Color Codes >>> 81k
zaksrc.zip TP v7.0 Source Code for Searchlight BBS I do not see myself doing any programming for SL in the future, and I haven't touched any of my source code in 3.3 years. Someone asked about possibly buying the source for one of my programs, but I just decided to give it out free. Unzip files.zip with the -d switch Have fun, - Zak Smith - October 6, 1995 795k