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alibaba2.zip Fortune Teller door for Searchlight * Edit ansi and text screens to match your bbs... * Edit answers and slam files... * Edit search for match file... Simple to setup, uses Searchlight comm routines. FREE - from Eagles Eye BBS (207)-724-2016 Other files to look for are: SLADVERT, SLBIO STATGRAF, SLLISTER, TOP10, LASTCALL ++++ 41k
bbslist2.zip BBS List For Searchlight! v.2.0 Here it is! Upgrade to BBS List version 1.0! BBS List for Searchlight is a 100% Searchlight BBS lister door that has full, complete 100% Searchlight look and feel! BBS List holds up to 9999 BBS entries, and has view, add, edit, remove, search, and download commands! New features include Remove & Search commands, an interactive statusline, sysop chat, and more! The best BBS Lister door writen for Searchlight! Registration is only $15 w/ Free upgrades!!!! 32k
bdayeval.zip - The Birthday Database "Door" - v 1.00 Written and COPYRIGHT (c) 1990, 1991 by: Jay Sorenson Through underWEAR SOFTware This program was written to run on Searchlight BBS systems. It also should run on any other system type that supports passing the command line parameters and has its own means of Comm support. The program has been tested from the command line prompt and on HARBOR MASTER SLBBS only. BirthDay (BDAY) is NOT restricted to version 1.7x or 2.x. It has been designed this way so as not to be limited to or dictated by another author's last minute changes in his code. This will assure you that BDAY will be an ongoing useful utility/enhancement to your system. 27k
bls15.zip BLS - BBS Listing System v1.5 Fast & simple BBS Listing door that allows users to download lists from door. Export complete list to HTML compatible series of pages. Uses SL's color setup for Lotus style menu bars with ansi callers. CSWare (December 17, 1995 Release). 160k
bl_met24.zip Multi-User Teleconference (MUT) v2.4 (2-User FREE!) MUT is more then a chat door! It is a full multi-user interactive environment! Features Tele-Games, Action Words, Private 1-1 chat, Chat with main system, Unlimited channels, Unlimited nodes, NEW RIP interface, whisper, ignore, user registries and more! Written exclusively for Searchlight BBS systems. The shareware version of Tele-Trivia has also been included for Tele-Game demonstrations! A must have for any multi-node system! -------> In Use here on Waka Waka BBS <-------- 188k
callin30.zip CALLNFO II ver. 3.0 = Last 10 callers information door. For Searchlight BBS's only. New features - Somewhere option, Multinode fix, RIP II compliant. List names by Alias, Login, or Real name. Also tracks the total number of callers by display type. Supportware, just $10 dollars. NO BBS Ads, Begs, or Delays! Global-Tech Aug 95' 8/13/95 From the creators of the RIP IT Up!-Load Processor 34k
connectx.zip ConnectX door Searchlight 06-27-94 ConnectX is a little different than other matchmaker doors in that it gives you the feeling that you are calling a remote 900 BBS number. (or can bypass this feature) The Question and answer files are modifyable. Latest version always on (207) 724-2016 51k
dads211s.zip D'ADS PLACE v2.11 - Free for SLBBS! For SLBBS ONLY! Sysop-defined categories, anonymous ads OK, replies sent to MAIL, auto-delete ads, multi-node, Desqview aware, non-standard IRQs, and more! Freeware version supports 5 ads in each category. NEW: Quick scan for new ads in all categories. Freeware from Frank Sexton $0 48k
dotm14.zip Door of the Month Version 1.4 for SLBBS This program allows you to select a door or doors that will not subtract the user's time while they are using the door. Your users are sure to love this one! Freeware! 14k
drom15b2.zip DreamROM v1.5b2 - The ULTIMATE CDRom Door! +-----------[ DreamROM v1.5b2 ]-----------+ April 11, 2001 Public Beta 2 The ULTIMATE CDRom Access Door! Let your callers browse your CDs, download from online CDs, and request from offline ones. Uses it's own databases, unlimited disks/directories Archive commands, fast searching, supports multi-changers, plays audio CDs, and more! Supports all the most popular BBS' including WildCat!, PCB, WWIV, SpitFire, TriBBS, and more! Now Freeware! RegNum Generator Included! +---------[ TayNik Software ]---------+ 384k
ezrom22b.zip EZ-ROM 2.20 CD-ROM Door for ANY BBS. Direct support Wildcat, PCBoard, RA, ProBoard, Maximus, TAG, TriBBS. UART, FOSSIL, DIGIBOARD. DOOR.SYS or DORINFOx.DEF. Keeps Own Database, Enforces Limits, MultiDisk, MultiNode File Tagging, Text Search, Offline Requests, ZIP & Text Viewer, Inserts BBS Ads, Supports Disk Changers, Internal Protocols, Disk Detect, Auto Menus, File List Maker. --> In Use Here On WAKA WAKA BBS <-- 246k
ezromcfg.zip EZ-ROM & SF-ROM CD-ROM Door Config Files for 247 different CD-ROM disks. Menus too. Night Owl, Pier, So Much Shareware, others. Compiled and edited by Paul Casey of Waka Waka BBS. 3.23mb
ezstat23.zip EZStat v2.3 for EZROM Program. (C)1997 F.U.S.S. Software For any EZrom or SFrom user. Allows you to easily view or change your ezrom.mas or sfrom.mas file. NOW SUPPORTS MULTIPLE CD'S!!! 43k
faxit15.zip Faxit Version 1.5 - Faxit is a utility written for Searchlight BBS System's which allows callers to send faxes from your system. 36k
horodoor.zip HoroScope Maker for SLBBS [1/1] HoroDoor will create random horoscopes for your users to read. Create seperate and complete lists which you can use in Email, messages, Bulletins or display in a menu using command #160. Requires SL 3.5+, DOS 5.0+. Shareware. 13k
jvtime15.zip JVTime - SLBBS Time Vault Door v 1.5b Seamless SLBBS TimeVault door. Looks and Feels exactly like Searchlight. Your users will think that Frank added the time vault himself. New in this version are a configuration file for user time limits and a SYSOP function to Edit/View user accounts and change to Custom Colors. For Updates and Info call Joint Venture BBS at 404-980-0123 38k
last015.zip LastCall - Show SL's Last caller In FD - Fix - Support for MultiNode Use. 18k
lastac10.zip Last Accessed v1.0 -=RyanWare=- Subboard usage management for SL v3.0 LAST ACCESS v1.0 -=RyanWare=- Easy to read subboard useage stats program for Searchlight v3.x. Output is in clasic Searchlight format - shows the following for each subboard: Number of members, Date last accessed by SLMail, zone:net/node number of subboard, Date last accessed by a user, User name of last person to access subboard. 18k
lasten11.zip Last 10 Callers v1.0 for Searchlight! LAST 10 CALLERS v1.00 BBS-DOOR 8-5-96 A Very Colorful Program That Uses DOOR.SYS To Display The Last 10 Callers To A BBS. Made For Use With Searchlight BBS Systems, But May Work With Other BBS Too. Uses Direct-Video Comm. Support. Supports BIOS Screen Writes, And Can Generate A DOOR.SYS Drop File. (c)Sir Galahad Software 1996 63k
lastfive.zip LastFive Users for Searchlight You can put LASTFIVE in any directory, it doesnt use any SLBBS data files so it doesnt need to locate them. This is free shareware Jim Barber, 21 July, 1992. 7k
ldrbrd23.zip LeaderBoard! RIP top ten callers display 16k
lhlblu25.zip LHLBlue, a full Bluewave offline mail door and subboards monitor for Searchlight, multilingual, easy installation, intuitive, supports NONE, ANSI and RIP modes, file attach, offline configuration, file requests, and more! 191k
list101.zip SL-LIST BBS List v.1.01 Minor bugfix. 48k
livechat.zip LIVECHAT - First Multi-Node SL Chat If you think most other multi-node chats for Searchlight are too complicated or simply overkill, give Livechat a try. Livechat is a character by character full screen chat which supports two remote and one local node. This program is UNSUPPORTED and will not be further developed. Written by the author of Valence, William McBrine. 27k
lotto2a.zip The original SL225 Time Lottery Autodoor now freeware. 13k
match-22.zip Match-Maker program for SL 4.x and up. This is the best you'll ever see! This one supports alias usage, personal ads, private e-mail built in, receipts from mail sent, match on percentage or sexual preference and Much More!!! Your users will thank you for this one! This was written by the same ones who designed Tele-Talk, check it out too!!! Written by Warren Williams, another Searchlight software fan!!!! 146k
match11b.zip -Match Maker By: James R. Hellriegel Jr- Match Maker v1.01b is a "Dating Game" type of door for SL BBSes. Users make out profiles then can make matches based on their wants and how important their wants are to them. The most popular door on my BBS and it will be on yours too! Installation is as easy as 1..2..3! Don't let the file size fool you! A must-have! Small bug fix. 39k
mog260.zip MogTalk v2.60 Searchlight Teleconference. MogTalk is a teleconferencing system for Searchlight BBS systems. It supports version 3.0 and higher, and appears to work up to version 5.1, the latest release at the time of writing. Copyright 1996-2000 LastByte Software. 119k
mogsrc.zip MogTalk v2.60 Source Code To compile MogTalk, you'll require Turbo or Borland Pascal 7.0. You also need the Searchlight 4.5 API TPUs: if you haven't got them, you can download them from http://www.lastbyte.co.nz. Copyright 1996-2000 LastByte Software. 116k
newdsys.zip Fixes DOOR.SYS for your ANSI games If you use Searchlight ver 4.5 and use DOOR.SYS with ANSI door games, Then you need this file. Fixes RIP callers not seeing ANSI in many games. ** FREEWARE ** 14k
pswchat3.zip PSWCHAT v3.0. PAGER for Searchlight BBS. By Thebes Software Colorful pager for Searchlight. Can be used for Emergancy page or as a replacement for SL's internal pager. Searchlight ONLY! Now has configurable music files!!! 90k
questuna.zip This is a small Auto-Door program, Questionnaire for Searchlight 5.0. 255k
qwkrk60.zip QWK off-line mail door for SL 3.00 and above! 44k
qwksl145.zip Searchlight QWK Mail Module v 1.45 New QWK mail door for Searchlight. Features local/remote RIP interface, full screen conference selection and more. This program is produced and supported by Searchlight Software and is free to current Searchlight customers. Requires Searchlight version 4.5 or later. Updated version (1.45) fixes some bugs found in the previous release. (Filedate 6-20-95) 170k
ripgal40.zip RIP Gallery v4.0 - A BBS door to view RIP Pictures. RIP Gallery runs with most major BBS drop files and will work whether you run a RIP compatible BBS or not. 100% RIP with a local mode. From Beakware Software. 87k
ripmail2.zip ****************RIPMail!v2.0************************ RIPmail! Freeware program that pulls RIPs out of QWK and Blue Wave mail packets. Uses the Subject field RIP file name. No more saving messages as RIP's. Easy use. Just download your packet and run RIPmail. Then view your RIP's using Freeview or any other RIP viewing program. Finish your mail without hassles... Another Freeware program by SHARKware. Exclusivly for RIPnet!. 13k
ripne12.zip RIP-News 1.2, Major upgrade !! Your NEWS files in RIP/ANSI/ASCII. RIP-News will create Multiple page news files with buttons and smooth RIP. With RIP-Sound support !!. Remote Access 2.01 and Wildcat ready. Can be configured for other BBS's software also. A product from RIP-Soft Europe. 60k
riprm120.zip The RIP Playroom From FireHawk Software. Version 1.20 Nice RIP Display Door. Great new graphics, works on most Door.sys BBSes. 89k
riptop10.zip R I P T O P T E N V 1 . 1 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- RIP TOP TEN - Another little program for Searchlight that generates RIPScript files of a 10-Bar Bar graph that represents the top ten callers, downloaders and uploads. Much the same as TOPTEN.EXE from Searchlight Software. 35k
shop400.zip SHOPDOOR v4.00 The Ultimate TeleShopping-Door for Firms, Sponsors, Sysops and Registration-Sites! * Multi-BBS system Compatible Door All versions of: RemoteAccess, WILDCAT, PROBOARD, SBBS, ROBO, EZYCOM, TRIBBS, MAXIMUS, PCBOARD, CONCORD and LORA. * Multi-Messagebase Compatible Door (Squish,Hudson,Fido,JAM,Ezycom) * Multi-language: Dutch,English,German, French,Swedish,Spanish,Brazilian, Portuguese,Turkish,Danish,Italian, Chinese and Polish. * ANSI & RIP Support !!! * DBASE-III/IV-compatible Database inside * User Statistics, User Database * Database Pricelist-Generator * Database Picklist-Order system * Database Picture-files download option * Authorize CreditCard & FAX Support * Network, Echomail & Netmail Support 656k
sl1_20.zip TABS 900 SEARCHLIGHT DOOR Version 1.20 Subcription Telephone 900 Billing System designed for Searchlight BBS systems. 70k
sl2oo10b.zip SLBBS to Operation Overkill v1.01 This program reads SL's data files to create the BBSINFO.OO file needed by Operation Overkill Door to operate. SL2OOII will eliminate the use of drop files and will communicate with OOII directly. Copyright (c) 1994, Virtual Realities 14k
slatm10.zip Searchlight ATM (SLATM) - v1.0 RIP-Compatible Time Bank Door for Searchlight Written by Christopher White using TP 7.0 and SL's TPUs for v4.0 Copyright 1995, Aged Peregrine Software 33k
slatm10.zip Searchlight ATM (SLATM) - v1.0 RIP-Compatible Time Bank Door for Searchlight Written by Christopher White using TP 7.0 and SL's TPUs for v4.0 Copyright 1995, Aged Peregrine Software 33k
slblue10.zip BlueWave/Qwk format Offline Mail Door for Searchlight 85k
slcall09.zip CallBack Verify Door for Searchlight. This will only work for v2.25 Will not make LD calls out. by : Rick MacDougall of Total ReKall BBS (8-11-92) 94k
slcb12.zip SLCB v1.2 SLBBS Call Back Validator. New Blacklist and Lockout Options Improved Documentation Customizable Screens Very Stable, Easy to setup. 51k
slbaud12.zip SLBaud v1.2 Baud Rate Profiler Door Displays bar graphs of connect rates. (Now supports multi-node systems) 28k
slbio.zip SL User Biography! Creates a user biography! Each entry entered by the user and can be searched by sysop! 15k
slblue10.zip BlueWave/Qwk format Offline Mail Door for Searchlight 83k
slcall09.zip CallBack Verify Door for Searchlight. This will only work for v2.25 Will not make LD calls out. by : Rick MacDougall of Total ReKall BBS (8-11-92) 94k
slcb12.zip SLCB v1.2 SLBBS Call Back Validator. New Blacklist and Lockout Options Improved Documentation Customizable Screens Very Stable, Easy to setup. 51k
sllister.zip BBS lister door for Searchlight 12-23-94 Fully configurable for field names and length, also can do your own "ANS" screens to match your bbs colors... (can utilize PICKLIST feature with command line parameters) Features - Add, Modify, Delete, Zoom, Find, Sort... Protected entries wit sysop override... Generates two files for viewing with SL 160 command or downloading. (lister.ans & lister.txt)... You can choose which fields are displayed on view screen and also which fields which will will be used for the two generated files (above)... BEST BBS LISTER DOOR FOR SEARCHLIGHT, ESPECIALLY SINCE IT IS FREE... Latest version always on (207) 724-2016......... 142k
slnuv100.zip SearchLight New User Validation v1.00 This is an NUV door like that in any "Elite" BBS Software -----======================----- This is the full version release MAJOR ENHANCEMENTS!!!!!! D/L RIGHT AWAY!!!!!! 10/01/95 22k
slq106b.zip SLQWiK 1.06.b Offline Mail DOOR for Searchlight BBSes. Will only work for versions 2.xx & above 174k
sluf495.zip Searchlight Logoff User Feedback Door 30k
slzip103.zip Searchlight Software Zip View v1.03 Beta. Searchlight Software Zip View Utility was created because I noticed that the VIEW command with Searchlight BBS software did not give the user the option to read a TEXT based file from within a ZIP or be able to download it, so it can be read off line to see if it is worth downloading the whole file or not. This is not a replacement for the VIEW command for Searchlight just and added feature you can run as a DOOR. 31k
sm-v110.zip Sky Mountain -- Version 1.10 A Searchlight specific door. Based on a king of the mountain concept. Version 1.10 has many new features, including: Alias support, split screen display, new spells, new initiations, more commands, a new end to the game, a game editor etc. As well as dozens of other suggestions from both players and sysops. Sky Mountain will run anywhere that SL will, Digiboard, Equinox, fossil, non-standard IRQ etc. Very simple to setup and run. SM is DESQview, OS/2 and Windows aware. 20$ Shareware registration. Written by Chris Ross 250:1000/1352 or 1:167/565 sysop@evening.magicnet.com 170k
splist210.zip SuperSplit v2.10 for Searchlight. SuperSplit allows users to split files on your BBS into user-definable segments so they can be downloaded over a number of days. Easy to install and your 2400 users will thank you for it! 32k
talk_20.zip Tele-Talk 2.0 Teleconference program. Tele-Talk is a teleconference program written for Searchlight 4.x and up. It includes action commands, whisper, sysop commands, and more! Your users will love you for this! Help support your SL Sysops and programmers!!! 139k
tapef101.zip Offline Files Tape Drive Access Door System for SL and a CMS type tape drive. Melds in with SL. Freeware. 31k
tenbst11.zip TENBEST Uploaders, Downloaders, Callers, Online Door to display: TEN BEST DOWNLOADERS TEN BEST UPLOADERS TEN BEST CALLERS TEN BEST LEECHES. TEN BEST also displays the current user's information for comparison. Written Exclusively for Searchlight BBS v3.x + and will run on some earlier versions. 41k
tfd13.zip TopFilesDownloaded-Gives popular files. TFD will search for files with high downloads and create a list of the most downloaded files to date. TFD uses SLDIR for Searchlight BBS. 39k
timetr69.zip Time Treasure vo.69 eta w/ RIP! Now with RIP Graphics! This great door requires Searchlight 2.15 or higher. Users open treasure boxes and win or lose time. Sysop configurable. Another Production from NyteFyre Software 36k
tshop213.zip Teleshoppe! v2.13 THE BEST ONLINE STORE EVER! The most complete on-line store available for all BBS types. Sell your items online without effort. TeleShoppe features an excellent dbase manager, Configurable screens, Extended descriptions, Shipping, Break Pts, Search and more! TSHOP uses a TRUE database and not text files! From Compu-Doc Consulting! Simply the BEST! 369k
tv460.zip Time Vault v4.6 For Searchlight BBS. Door program for Searchlight BBS systems. Easy to install.. Has SL "look and feel"! Withdraw & Deposit functions completely configurable. All TEXT and MENUS can be Changed!! Optional transfer feature can be enabled. Special withdraw/deposit mode for use as an auto-logoff door! 40k
tvbv1b.zip -The Voting Booth By: Jim Hellriegel Jr- The Voting Booth v1.0b is a simple polling type door, straight forward non-fancy, but just a neat/fun thing to do on your BBS. Questions are multiple choice and created by the Sysop. Users vote and see the results. It's that simple. Users who are just bored will love running this command! You won't regret running it! 26k
valen17c.zip Valence 1.7c - Offline Mail System for SL: A QWK mail door and network utility that offers much more than Searchlight's internal QWK. New in this version: More QWKE support; more conferences; miscellaneous bug fixes. For all versions of Searchlight BBS from 2.15C on. Freeware by William McBrine. 150k
voice101.zip Voice Validator v1.01b for Searchlight Written for SysOps who don't (or didn't) have a call-back verifier, or want to check up on duplicate numbers. Uses a Searchlight-type interface with full user list, auto dialing, duplicate phone number detection, user list printing, sorting, and a lot more. 31k
voted14.zip Vote, Dangit! (1.4) (c) Jim Davis Yet another voting door. Supports Searchlight color codes, command-line driven, `add other' choice option. `New-scan' switch for use as an auto-door, customizable prompt, etc. Now much friendlier to DesqView and Irish! (slight mods, utility) *FREEWARE* 52k
wall60d.zip Searchlight Grafitti WALL v 6.0 Bugfix release Registration only $20.00NZ Copyright (C) 1997 Simpson Development. 52k
wea150.zip Weather Notice 1.50b RIP/ANSI Weather. - Weather notice is a simple door which displays a nice, clear, RIP or ANSI screen with the week's weather. Sysops can edit the weather information remotely, quickly and easily as necessary. (c)1994 CIO Corp / by Neale Davidson 33k
welcm_12.zip Welcome! RIP stats login door! Displays 48k