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PC Micro has specialized in COM to IP redirection solutions since January 2000. COM to IP Redirection allows a Windows PC to use Virtual COM ports to access data over a TCP/IP Network. Note: As of October 14, 2004 we have discontinued selling COM/IP licensing. We will continue to provide technical support for our existing COM/IP Customers. We currently offer a replacment solution with several new features. It allows up to 99 Virtual COM ports, and also allows sharing serial devices over any TCP/IP connection. Visit our TCP-COM page for more information. In addition to placing network calls, COM to IP Redirection can also be configured to receive network calls, allowing you to network-enable applications that normally accepts incoming modem calls. Typical uses are to enable BBS-like software applications to accept telnet connections over the Internet, or to connect two computers together over the Virtual serial ports. COM port to IP Redirection is compatible with Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP/2003, Download a Free 30-day Trial of TCP-Com. Supported Application Software: Nearly all Windows serial communication programs are supported, including: Terminal Programs such as HyperTerminal, Procomm, etc. BBS Servers and Clients, and CompuServe TAPCIS. A full list of features of TCP-COM can be found in our Product Data Sheet. Contact us for information on a trade-in or a competitive 50% upgrade discount. For additional information, please contact our sales department: Phone: +1-805-493-8388 7am-5pm PST. Toll-Free: 1-800-922-0005 7am-5pm PST. Email: Sales@pcmicro.com. COM/IP is a registered trademark of Tactical Software, Get from PCMICRO.COM
cexyz100.zip A FreeWare X, Y, and Zmodem protocol driver from the author of The Blue Wave Offline Mail System. Protocols include Zmodem, 8K Zmodem (ZedZap), Ymodem, Ymodem-G, Ymodem-1K, Xmodem CRC and Xmodem-Checksum. Includes sample files for installation into Maximus BBS's. Can be installed into ANY BBS that is able to utilize external protocols, including Blue Wave Mail Doors. FOSSIL communications mode, or direct mode! Fully windowed/graphical interface. 58k
dialtel.zip Dialup-To-Telnet v3.04.27 Dialup-To-Telnet is a go-between designed to allow you to have dial-up access to a telnet only BBS. I imagine the primary users of this program will be SysOps running Synchronet v3.x which (at the time of this writing) only supports telnet connections. With Dialup-To-Telnet, you can provide dialup access to your users without having to run Synchronet v2.x alongside a v3.x install. Just run a front-end like Argus and have it launch DialupToTelnet.exe when it receives a dialup connection. Comes with full source code (written in Delphi 6) [Released April 27, 2003] 38k
dynip32v.zip DynIP v 4.0 Client for Windows 95/98 The DynIP Client allows you to register a personalized Internet name that can be used by others to connect to your computer. Once you have an Internet Name for your computer the uses are nearly unlimited! You can run a web, FTP, chat, BBS, IRC or mail server etc. Your personalized Internet name will be available within minutes after running the DynIP Client program. Your Internet name can then be used by anyone, in any existing Internet application, to refer to your computer. You no longer need to post your dynamic IP address to a web page, or email your friends your current IP address. The DynIP Client can be used with any kind of Internet connection, including dial-up, cable-modem, ISDN, wireless modem or a LAN connection. The DynIP Client also includes features to keep your connection alive. You can evaluate the service for 30 days. 1.15mb
fdsz.zip FDSZ.EXE (Prototype) FOSSIL flavor of DSZ.EXE The title says it all. More or less. This version uses INT14h 0-3 subfunctions. Unfortunately these are the only standardized subfunctions. Almost standardized. Use for Kings Crown if you have problems! 37k
gamesrv.zip GameSrv v3.10.19.b2 [released October 19, 2003] GameSrv is a game server meant for people who want to run door games without setting up a full-fledged BBS system. It supports both modern 32bit Windows games (which there are few of) as well as old 16bit DOS games with the aid of either NetFoss or mSyncFos under WindowsNT, or mSyncFos under Windows9x. GameSrv can also act as a telnet server to run as a front-end for a BBS software that doesnt have one of it's own (or a really sucky one). Again, this includes either 32bit Windows BBS software (Mystic/EleBBS), or old 16bit DOS BBS software (far too many to list) with the aid of either NetFoss or mSyncFos. For those interested, there were two reasons for the name change from TelSrv to GameSrv. The first is because the primary purpose of the program is to act as a game server, so this name fits better. The second reason is because someone pointed out to me that TelSrv is the name of a buggy remote administration tool which I dont want to be mistaken for. Now with FOSSIL support under Win95/98/ME! [Released October 19, 2003] 40k
gnatbox.zip Gnat Box Light v2.1 FIREWALL Application (Release Date Aug. 31, 1998) Global Technology Associates Gnat Box Light provides a firewall that can support up to 100 concurrent connections. A maximum of four different IP source addresses are allowed to make inbound connections. Two different IP source addresses per network interface are allowed for outbound connections. Gnat Box Light provides complete transparent operation for standard TCP, UDP, and ICMP applications. It supports many of today's hottest but hard-to-handle applications, such as Real Audio-Video, Vxtreme, Vosaic, VDOLive, StreamWorks, CUSeeMe, and Net2Phone. A more powerful version that can support 16,384 concurrent connections is also available. For Windows 95, 98, NT. FREEWARE!. 3.89mb
hs-slbbs.zip Setup for HSLINK Upload/Download Protocol. 4k
hypert63.zip HyperTerminal Private Edition v6.3 HyperTerminal is a simple terminal communications program used for accessing Telnet sites, terminal -to-host communications, and file transfer. This terminal emulator takes full advantage of the Windows interface and key features such as TAPI (Telephony API) and Unimodem universal modem support. The program includes CommSense, which automatically identifies and sets parameters such as parity, stop bits, and data bits, so users can access new online systems simply by entering their phone numbers. This new release corrects a potentially serious security issue that affects versions of HyperTerminal included with Microsoft Windows. New features include full compatibility with Windows 2000, support for VT320 terminal emulation for access to applications running on Unix and VMS host computers, and enhanced printing control to print directly or through Windows'print driver. Note: HyperTerminal is free for personal use. Requirements: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me 879k
irexd229.zip Internet Rex 2.29 for DOS (16-bit) A program for sending your BBS mail over the net. Supports email, FTP, MIME, UUencoding, XXencoding, GIGO, Watergate, TransX, Allfix, FrontDoor, Binkley, D'Bridge and more. Packed with features. Released 10/21/2001 1.53mb
irexl229.zip Internet Rex 2.29 for Linux A program for sending your BBS mail over the net. Supports email, FTP, MIME, UUencoding, XXencoding, GIGO, Watergate, TransX, Allfix, FrontDoor, Binkley, D'Bridge and more. Packed with features. Released 10/21/2001 1.56mb
irexp229.zip Internet Rex 2.29 for OS/2 A program for sending your BBS mail over the net. Supports email, FTP, MIME, UUencoding, XXencoding, GIGO, Watergate, TransX, Allfix, FrontDoor, Binkley, D'Bridge and more. Packed with features. Released 10/21/2001 1.15mb
irexw229.zip Internet Rex 2.29 for 32-bit Windows A program for sending your BBS mail over the net. Supports email, FTP, MIME, UUencoding, XXencoding, GIGO, Watergate, TransX, Allfix, FrontDoor, Binkley, D'Bridge and more. Packed with features. Released 10/21/2001 1.17mb
mamu.zip MAMU v3.07.28 Auto-Updater for DNS. MAMU is a auto-updater for the free MyIP Dynamic DNS service. It has built in IP detection for Dial-Up & Cable/DSL users, and external detection for everyone else. FREEWARE [released July 28, 2003] 321k
manadt39.zip MannADT v3.09.09 by Manning of Elysium Software MannADT is an auto-updater for the free Darktech Dynamic DNS (DtDNS) service. It has built in IP detection for Dial-Up & Cable/DSL users, and external detection for everyone else. Source Available. Released September 9, 2003 FREEWARE !! 320k
mtelb12.zip mTelnet beta12 for OS/2 and Win32 (November 10, 2003) cool telnet client features zmodem, phonebook, ansi, vt100 & color backscroll! 142k
mtelsv2.zip MannTelSrv v2.00 by Manning of Elysium Software MannTelSrv is a Telnet Server designed to run as a front-end for Bulletin Board Systems on MS Windows, released January 5, 2002 as FREEWARE !! 43k
net32_b4.zip ----------[ NetModem/32 v1.0b4.sL ]----- 32Bit FOSSIL Telnet Server for Windows 95/98 !! Multinode versions are now available !! Allows incoming Telnet connections to any BBS/Communications software that can use a FOSSIL driver. Supports baud rates of 19200, 38400, 57600 and 115200. Comports 3-99. Uses Windows WinSock TCP/IP. Works with Dial-up Networking, Cable modem, Ethernet, or any kind of TCP/IP connection. Emulates a modem via FOSSIL services. Dial-Out coming soon. Very fast over the Internet. Includes complete documents, Install and Uninstall programs for easy setup in Windows Released - 2/4/98 - NetModem/32 Beta 4 Author - Dedrick Allen EMail: drip@cris.com http://www.allensoftware.com 954k
netf091.zip NETFOSS v0.9.1 -- A high performance FOSSIL Driver for the internet and tcp/ip networks. Allows DOS BBS's and doors to run under most telnet servers. Freeware. NETFOSS allows DOS based BBS programs to to be used across any TCP/IP network, including the internet. NETFOSS is not a virtual modem. It will not support AT commands, and will not simulate a COM port. It is also not a telnet server. If this is what you are looking for, you should look at COM/IP (available from our home page). NETFOSS will only work with DOS based programs which were designed to support a FOSSIL driver. (ie: BBS programs and doors). It can also be used with native Win32 BBS programs, to allow DOS based doors to be run via telnet. Designed for Windows XP/2000/NT4 workstations and servers. Supports up to 65000 nodes. Written entirly in Assembly language for maximum speed. Very small in size.. under 10k per node! Allows doors designed only for COM1-COM4 to run on any node. Changes FOSSIL-based applications to network-based without modifications to software. Compatible with several popular telnet servers, including Argus, Beemail, TelSrv, EleBBS and MysticBBS. The status of NETFOSS is: Freeware, available for non-commercial use only. Fully X00 compatible, with Level 5 FOSSIL support. No known bugs, appears to work with all doors. Released June 13, 2004 40k
netmdb15.zip ------[ NetModem v1.0b15.sL ]------ BBS Telnet Daemon for Windows 3.1/9.x Allows incoming Telnet to any BBS that can use a FOSSIL Driver. Supports Baud Rates of 19200, 38400, and 57600. Uses Windows95 WinSock (Dial-Up Networking or other)... Emulates COM ports 3-20. Very fast over the Internet if your ISP has decent bandwidth. Better than the others.. NOW FREEWARE!!!! NETMODEM/32 WILL NOT BE FREEWARE!! NetModem/32 (Native Win95, Multi-Threaded) coming soon. NT (NT Works/Server Native) Version hopefully coming... Author - Dedrick Allen http://www.allensoftware.com 82k
netm_2a2.zip NetModem32 Alpha 2 Version 2.0 8/30/99 1.37mb
nm32ptch.zip NetModem Patch for Windows 98 This is a patch for NetModem 32 Beta 4 for Windows 98 users ONLY! Author Dedrick Allen at http://www.allensoftware.com 5k
nm32_2a3.zip NetModem/32 2.0 alpha3 release May, 2000. The latest alpha test version of NetModem/32 2.0 This version is operational, but some features have not been completely implemented yet. This version includes the 16550 FIFO COM port emulator with a Hayes compatible modem. It will respond to most Hayes AT commands and function accordingly. A list of supported commands is in the file called ATCOMNDS.TXT. NetFOSSIL/32 is also now included, supporting X00, BNU, ADF and any other FOSSIL driver that can support standard and/or non-standard (ie: you can customize the FOSSIL's IRQ and base/hex address) COM ports and IRQs. Uploads and downloads are both enabled in this release. Copyright 1997-2000 by Allen Software. 1.4mb
nukenab.zip NukeNabber v2.9b -- Puppet -- FREEWARE!! NukeNabber is a free utility for network administrators. It gives you the information you need in order to know who is attacking you, in a format you can use to track them down. It sets itself up to listen on TCP and UDP ports commonly attacked over the Internet. You can monitor a total of 50 ports simultaneously. It logs ICMP dest_unreach attacks and enables you to trace the attacker -- even finding an attacker's nickname on IRC (mIRC, VIRC, and PIRCH clients are supported). NukeNabber requires Windows 98 or a Winsock 2.2 upgrade, which is available at the developer's Website. System Requirements Windows 95, 98, or NT, Post-SP3 hotfixes (Windows NT only), Winsock 2.2 Upgrade (Windows 95 only) FREE! Released 1/22/99 715k
qm2_1.zip Qmodem Pro v2.21 for Win 95 (Does RIP) Qmodem Pro is a dial-up manager that allows you to dial to a BBS and other online services quite easily with your modem. You can also access your favorite Internet sites with the built-in TCP/IP support. Qmodem offers true 32-bit multi-threaded operation that will ensure excellent performance regardless of the task. Qmodem includes a graphics viewer that supports GIF, JPEG and BMP files, more than 35 terminal emulations including IBM 3270, RIPscript Protocol, multimedia sound file support, customizable tool bars, programmable macro keys, ten file transfer protocols including Zmodem, Kermit and Compuserve B+ and an icon based dialing directory. Requirements 4MB RAM 7MB HD Space VGA Video 80386DX CPU Suggested OS Windows 95 Windows NT - Released July 7th, 1997 -- Developer Mustang Software No longer Sells/Supports QModem When Contacted via phone, They said "Get the crack file from the internet" We have washed our company from the product. -- Note from Paul Casey - your SysOp. Run the crack file in PC_QMP21.ZIP in the C:\QMODEM directory then,,,, Click on Order, enter this number in the UNLOCK Box 558355 or 569065 You will then have a Fully REGISTERD VERSION ! 3.81mb
RIPtel Visual Telnet (tm) Version 3.1 Program that allows you to experience graphics and multimedia over Telnet connections. RIPtel uses the third generation of TeleGrafix's Remote Imaging Protocol(tm) scripting language (RIPscrip(tm)) online multimedia technology. Evaluation version 60 days. Registration cost $ 24.95 Note: This is no longer supported or capable of registration. 1.4mb
rtrm2300.zip RIPterm Pro v2.3 Comm. for Win3.x/9.x/NT This new turbo RIPscrip 2 client may be used free for non-commercial evaluation purposes only. Registration is US $24.95 for a single copy. See the readme.doc file for more details about this software. Version 2.3 of RIPterm corrects a compatibility problem with OS/2 Warp, some Windows compatibility issues, and now includes an easy-to-use Windows setup procedure that will automatically setup icons on your desktop, Start menu, and generaly make life under Windows easier. Released Oct. 27, 1997 60 Day Evaluation RIPPterm 2.3 Requires 4 megabytes memory and an EGA or better monitor. A color monitor and a mouse are optional, but strongly recommended. You must be using MS-DOS v3.3 or higher, Microsoft Windows 3.1, NT or 95 (in MS-DOS mode), or OS/2 Warp in MS-DOS mode. NOTE: This is no longer supported or Capable of Registration. 2.58mb
s2kv201a.zip Ray Gwinn's second generation of drivers for OS/2. SIO2K.SYS and VSIO2K.SYS are replacements of the OS2 communications drivers COM.SYS and VCOM.SYS which come with OS/2. Providing virtual 16550 for DOS/Win sessions, virtual comm ports over internet (VMODEM), and FOSSIL. Released 11-06-2001 350k
scptr500.zip *** InterSceptre * v5.00 *** This is a front end utility that intercepts the call, sends a menu to the user, and allows you, The Sysop, to run TWO BBS's from ONE computer! The user selects which one to log into and InterSceptre resets when he/she is done. Local logon access as well. Has a screen saver, dos shell, Chat!, and runs up to 5 events! Totally self configuring!! 144k
telfaq15.zip TELFAQ15 [5-31-2000] Step-by-step guide to putting a BBS onto the internet under WIN95/98. Full instructions, troubleshooting, and FAQs. Includes settings for Netmodem 1.0b4, Netmodem 2.0a2, Netmodem 2.0a3, and COM/IP 2.2.1. 20k
telsrv.zip TelSrv and GameSrv v4.12 by Manning of Elysium Software -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= TelSrv is a telnet server you can use to run socket based server programs, such as Win32 BBS programs. Fossil aware DOS packages can also be run with the aid of something like NetFoss or SyncFos. It now includes a game server which you can use to run door games without setting up a full fledged BBS. FREEWARE - released June 18, 2002 377k
tfw115d.zip TELIX for Windows v 1.15d does RIP Too! Even better program, even better price! Now only $79, this ever-popular comm program has a Telnet client, WINSOCK SLIP/Shell account internet access, hooks to external FTP and other Internet tools, and has been thoroughly tested and streamlined for use under Win-95. 45 uses Time-limited version. Released Aug. 13th, 1996 Runs in either Win 3.x or 9.x 2.78mb
tlntbbs.zip Everything make your BBS TelNet-Able - Easy to Setup/Use All you need is a PPP Internet Account! 170k
transx35.zip ****** TransX 3.5 - Shareware Version - 4/22/2001 - ******* Use Internet email to transport your Fidonet-style mail and files in order to avoid long distance bills! Great for expanding networks. Supports many mailers such as: FrontDoor, BBBS, PCBoard, Binkley, D'Bridge, Plantinum Xpress, PKT Supports almost any type of Internet service including UUCP, SMTP, RFC822, FTP, Mercury, gated netmail or even a regular POP3 mailbox. See our web site at http://www.multiboard.com 210k
txm350d.zip TxMAILER/DOS v3.5.0 Client for DOS - FREEWARE Version - 4/22/2001 - This module allows you to integrate "TransX" and the Internet using a regular dial-up PPP account. Supports SMTP/POP3 and FTP. TransX sends your Fidonet packets over the Internet to avoid long distance charges. Visit us at www.multiboard.com/software/transx.html 77k
txm350w.zip TxMAILER/32 v3.5.0 Client for Windows 9x/NT - 4-22-2001 - This module allows you to integrate "TransX" and the Internet using the dialup networking in Windows. Supports SMTP/POP3 & FTP. TransX sends your Fidonet packets over the Internet to avoid long distance charges. Visit us at www.multiboard.com/software/transx.html 151k
txmail20.zip ******* TxMAILER 2.0 - Free Software *** This program allows you to integrate "TransX" with any Internet provider that can offer you a dialup PPP account. This uses the SMTP/POP3 protocols to transfer your mail packets. Does not require your own domain name/UUCP account If you have a PPP email account you can use TransX to transport your Fidonet packets over the Internet without any long distance costs! Requires TRANSX11.ZIP (or newer version) for a full install. Free add-on for TransX! [MCC] 5/17/1997 114k
ufo-271.zip UFO Dynamic DNS Updater for Win9x/NT/2000 - Version 2.7.1 June 23rd 2000 The most powerfull Win Dyn DNS updater! Supports: thebbs.org, dyndns.org, eyep.net homeip.net, homeip.net, dtdns.net fake.cx, levitate.org, mine.nu and over a dozen others, all at the same time! Lot's of options, and easy to setup. 261k
x00124.zip X.00 v1.24 A Low Level Serial I/O Communications Driver for MS DOS and like Operating Systems. Copyright (c) 1990 by Raymond L. Gwinn X00 is a Serial Input/Output (SIO) communications driver. It provides an interface between an application program and the serial communications hardware. 107k
zoc504.zip ZOC (Zap-O-Comm) v5.04 for Windows 32bit Telnet/SSH, Modem and ISDN comm. application for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP and OS/2. that offers a feature richness that is rarely found even in commercial packages. Outstanding GUI, solid VT220 and Zmodem, powerful scripting, countless options and many features. It offers the commonly used emulations (ANSI, VT52, VT100, VT102, VT220, IBM 3270 and Secure Shell (SSH) and file transfer protocols (X/Y/Z-Modem, Kermit, CompuServe-B, Kermit), online JPG/GIF viewer, REXX scripting. 30 day trial. Revision Date: July 17, 2005 - Home Page: http://www.emtec.com ZOC is $89.99 US per license ZOC with manual is $109.98+ $5.00 Shipping US per license ZOC manual only is $19.99 + $5.00 Shipping US ZOC upgrade is $19.99 US per license 2.71mb